Drug Discovery & Development Faculty

Learn more about this group by contacting Dr. Jason Zastre  (jzastre@uga.edu) or visiting the Center for Drug Discovery website.

Drug discovery and development involves identifying new drug targets, synthesis of new chemical or biological entities, preclinical evaluations, and formulation development to maximize therapeutic potential. Members of this multidisciplinary group cover the full spectrum of the drug discovery and development process including areas such as pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion), biopharmaceutics (drug transporters), drug analysis, toxicology, and novel drug formulations and delivery (e.g. liposomes, nanoparticles, and gene delivery).

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Photo of Fikri Avci
Fikri Avci
Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Mechanisms of immune activation by carbohydrate antigens; design and development of knowledge-based vaccines and therapeutics against pathogens and cancers.

Photo of Michael G. Bartlett
Michael G. Bartlett
Georgia Athletic Association Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

ADME of drugs and environmental toxicants; impact of compounds on memory, cognition, and neuropathic pain; oligonucleotide therapeutics and biomarkers.

Photo of Houjian Cai
Houjian Cai
Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Post-translational modification including protein acylation, fatty acid metabolism, prostate stem cell, Src family kinases, prostate cancer, small molecular inhibitor

Photo of Brian Cummings
Brian Cummings
Associate Professor Neuroscience; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxicology

Molecular toxicology, cell signaling, prostate cancer, anti-cancer, kidney.

Photo of Steve Dalton
Steve Dalton
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Stem cell biology, development of cell therapies for type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Pluripotent stem cells in early development and induced pluripotent stem cells- cell reprogramming.

Photo of Roberto Docampo
Roberto Docampo
Professor Cellular Biology

Cellular and molecular biology of acidocalcisomes; the role of polyphosphate in trypanosomatids.

Photo of Phillip Greenspan
Phillip Greenspan
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Inhibition of glycation and LDL oxidation by natural products and nutraceuticals

Photo of Donald Harn
Donald Harn
Professor and GRA Distinguished Investigator Infectious Diseases

Mechanistic analysis of parasite induced immune suppression. Translational research on immuno-modulation pertaining to inflammation based diseases. Vaccine development and trials.

Photo of Eileen Kennedy
Eileen Kennedy
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical biology, kinase signaling, cancer, signal transduction, drug discovery.

Photo of Dennis Kyle
Dennis Kyle
Professor Cellular Biology & Infectious Diseases

The discovery and development of new drugs to prevent or treat malaria and leishmaniasis. Elucidating mechanism(s) of resistance and discovering new drug treatment regimens, combinations, or strategies to overcome resistance.

Photo of Dexi Liu
Dexi Liu
Panoz Professor of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Gene therapy, obesity, drug delivery, gene drug discovery.

Photo of Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
Professor Cellular Biology

Cell Signaling, Organelle Biogenesis, and Drug Discovery in Trypanosomes.


Photo of Cory Momany
Cory Momany
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Antibiotic drug discovery targeting RNA polymerase regulation; X-ray crystallography of non-coding RNA and prokaryotic transcriptional regulators

Photo of Silvia Moreno
Silvia Moreno
Professor Cellular Biology

Cell biology and biochemistry of the human pathogen Toxoplasma gondii searching for potential targets for chemotherapy.

Photo of Mandi Murph
Mandi Murph
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical inhibitors of cancer, chemoresistance, tumor biology and animal models.

Photo of Scott Pegan
Scott Pegan
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Antiviral and nerve agent poisoning therapeutic discovery, assay development, enzymology, structural biology, regulation of innate immune responses

Photo of S. Mark Tompkins
S. Mark Tompkins
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases; Toxciology

Transmission and pathogenicity of zoonotic influenza virus infection and development of vaccination and the prevention and treatment of viral infections.

Photo of M. Stephen Trent
M. Stephen Trent
Distinguished Professor Infectious Diseases

Characterizing the assembly of bacterial surface structures, Development of vaccines for viral and bacterial pathogens, Systems approaches to understanding microbial diseases

Photo of Catherine White
Catherine White
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences; Toxciology

Dr. White’s research focuses on the influence of gender on the disposition of drugs and drug carriers, and their subsequent therapeutic or toxic outcomes, and the physiological-based pharmacokinetic modeling for utilization in predicting toxicity and exposures.

Photo of Adrian Wolstenholme
Adrian Wolstenholme
Professor Infectious Diseases

Molecular helminthology: in particular the interactions of anthelmintic drugs with ion channels in the nervous systems of parasitic helminths, and the molecular basis of drug resistance.

Photo of May Xiong
May Xiong
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Development of nanotechnologies in the areas of iron chelation therapy, biological metal sensors, and antibiotic drug resistance.

Photo of Hang Yin
Hang Yin
Assistant professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Stem cell biology, brown fat development and induction, non-coding RNA, development of novel therapies for human obesity and type 2 diabetes

Photo of Jason Zastre
Jason Zastre
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxciology

Transport, micronutrient, hypoxia, cancer.

Photo of Y. George Zheng
Y. George Zheng
Associate Professor, Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholar Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical biology, epigenetics and chromatin, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry, posttranslational modification, molecular biology, biochemistry, enzymology, and bioinformatics.

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