Administrative Structure

Program Funding

The ILS program is funded by contributions from the Office of the Provost, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Vice President for Research, the Deans of the participating colleges, and participating departments and institutes.


Lance Wells

Graduate Coordinator

Eric Lafontaine

Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee, chaired by the ILS Director
  • Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Committee (GRAC), chaired by the ILS graduate coordinator

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the heads or directors of participating Tier 1 programs and heads/directors (or a designated representative) of participating Tier 2 programs.

Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Committee (GRAC)

GRAC is composed of graduate coordinators or a designated representative from each of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs, T32 Directors, and a non-voting representative from the IG committee.

  • ILS Graduate Coordinator (chair) – Eric Lafontaine (IDIS)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Zachary Wood
  • Bioinformatics – Casey Bergman & Jan Mrazek
  • Cellular Biology – Scott Dougan
  • Chemistry – Jeffrey Urbauer
  • Entomology – Kerry Oliver
  • Genetics – Kelly Dyer
  • Infectious Diseases – David Peterson
  • Marine Sciences – Renato Castelao
  • Microbiology – Xiaorong Lin (Graduate Recruitment; Advising, Elizabeth Ottesen)
  • Neuroscience – Jesse Schank
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences – Jason Zastre
  • Physiology and Pharmacology – Xiaoqin Ye
  • Plant Biology – Shu-Mei Chang
  • Toxicology – Nick Filipov
  • Genetics T32 Director – Doug Menke (GENE)
  • TEGD T32 Director – Silvia Moreno (CBIO)
  • Glyocoscience T32 Directors – Jon Amster (CHEM) & Bob Haltiwanger (BCMB)

Program History

   Founders (2009)
  • Mark Farmer
  • Jim Hamrick
   Past Directors
  • 2009-2010          Mark Farmer and Jim Hamrick (Co-directors)
  • 2010-2013           Russell Malmberg
  • 2013- 2018          Nancy Manley
  • 2018-Present      Lance Wells
   Past Graduate Coordinators
  • 2010-2019           Walter Schmidt
  • 2019-present      Eric Lafontaine