Joining the ILS Program

  • Individual faculty who wish to join the ILS program must be in a participating Graduate Program.  Faculty in a All-in program can contact ILS directly, or through their department head or institute director.  Faculty in a Partial-in program MUST request an affiliation through their department head or institute director.  All requests for affiliation must be sent by e-mail to either the ILS Director or Graduate Coordinator.
  • Participating Graduate Programs must agree to the ILS stipend requirement, the curriculum plan, including rotation terms, and agree to participate in the administrative structure.
  • Participating Training Grant programs (TGs) wishing to affiliate with ILS should contact the ILS Director for more information. TGs are expected to be actively involved in graduate recruitment and admissions activities and further expected to represent faculty whose primary appointments are with All-in or Partial-in graduate programs.
  • All participating units contribute financially to the ILS program based on their All-in or Partial-in status.  Department Heads, Institute Directors, or Directors of graduate programs wishing to join ILS should contact the ILS Director for more information.