Special Interview Arrangements

On occasion, applicants from certain post-bac and related training programs (PREP, Bridges to Doctorate, etc.) receive special consideration for interviews with ILS. Applicants from these programs must adhere to the standard application process as outlined on the ILS website (i.e. submit application and supporting materials by the due date; submit Background & Interest form; etc.). These applicants will be initially vetted through the standard evaluation process (GRAC review, IGC review). Those not promoted for an interview by this process will be subsequently evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the ILS Director and Graduate Coordinator for an interview. This policy does not guarantee an interview unless prior arrangements have been made (see below), and this policy does not guarantee admission of any candidate.

The following programs currently have pre-existing arrangements with ILS. Trainees from these programs are guaranteed an interview if not selected for an interview by the standard vetting process:

  • Kennesaw State University Bridges to Doctorate (application ID#?): effective date July 1, 2016-???
  • University of Georgia PREP program (application ID#?): effective date July 1, 2016-????