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Category: Bioinformatics Faculty

Fox, Spencer J.


Spencer J. Fox

Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics

Understanding and forecasting infectious disease dynamics with the goal of improving public health outcomes and policies; specialize in integrating population-level infectious disease data with epidemiological models through statistical analysis and simulation; primarily work on respiratory viruses like influenza and COVID-19, among others.


Li, He


He Li

Assistant Professor, Department of Infectious Disease, Institute of Bioinformatics

Develop novel mathematical methods for integrating human and machine intelligence to continuously improve the capabilities and accuracy of the disease forecasting models.


Wu, Taotao


Taotao Wu

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Traumatic brain injury: brain network under biomechanical attack, understanding the networked brain through its injury, injury biomechanics, network neuroscience.


Ginn, Olivia


Olivia Ginn

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Characterization and modeling of antimicrobial resistance and disease transmission in air and water and the implications for human and environmental health.

Gill, Mandev S.


Mandev S. Gill

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Statistical and computational methods for phylodynamic inference.


Bik, Holly


Holly Bik

Assistant Professor
Marine Sciences, Bioinformatics

Invertebrate microbiomes; nematode ecology and evolution; benthic and deep-sea habitats; using environmental DNA for biomonitoring


Douglass, Eugene

UGA_douglass-fix copy

Eugene Douglass

Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Multi-drug resistance(MDR) causes most cancer deaths(Nat. Rev. Cancer 2018, 18, 452). We use organic chemistry, cell biology and data-science to overcome MDR.


Cohen, Natalie


Natalie Cohen

Assistant Professor
Marine Sciences, Bioinformatics

Marine microbial ecology; phytoplankton physiology; ocean biogeochemistry; environmental bioinformatics


Funato, Kosuke


Kosuke Funato

Assistant Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain tumors; oncohistone mutations; human ES cell-based tumor modeling; tumor heterogeneity and evolution


Buell, C. Robin

C. Robin Buell, 2014 Beal Outstanding Faculty award recipient

C. Robin Buell

GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Crop Genomics
Plant Biology, Bioinformatics

Plant genome biology with a focus on crops and medicinal plants; Synthetic biology; Evolution of natural product biosynthesis