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ILS students conduct cutting-edge research in interesting and timely topics.

Research topics can range from Chemical Biology to Developmental Biology, Evolution & Ecology to Molecular Plant Sciences, Cell Biology to Bioinformatics, and Infection to Cancer Biology. Research can be at the molecular, cellular, organismal, or ecological level. There’s nothing you can’t pursue as a research topic within the ILS program.


ILS students have access to over 250 well-funded faculty and often perform research in internationally recognized specialty Centers and Institutes. ILS students are not scheduled to TA and take a streamlined research-oriented curriculum in the first semester, providing them with a fast and productive start to their research careers. Our students are successful, publishing in top journals and securing prestigious fellowships.


To learn more about the research opportunities that lie within the ILS program, select from one of the options below to learn more about research strengths within ILS affiliated units. Research opportunities have never been better at our institution so apply today!


Department and Institute-based PhD programs

ILS offers a 1-stop application process for students interested in any of the Department and Institute-based PhD Programs that perform studies in the life sciences.

Interdisciplinary Research Areas (non-degree granting)

Institutes & Centers