Cellular Biology Faculty

Only faculty affiliated with ILS are listed on this page. Learn more about Cellular Biology faculty. The Cellular Biology Graduate Coordinator is Scott Dougan (dougan@cb.uga.edu).

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Avraham, Oshri

Oshri Avraham Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Deciphering the mechanisms that regulate the diversity of peripheral glial cells to achieve a better understanding of their role in the context of disease and injury. Website

Bolger, Molly

Molly Bolger Associate Professor, Cellular Biology Biology education; Understanding student scientific development; Biological modeling in classrooms; Instructor reasoning in non-traditional classrooms Website

Cai, Haini

Haini Cai Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Nuclear and genome organization; Chromatin structure and function; Gene regulation in Drosophila development. Website

Dangremond Stanton, Julie

Julie Dangremond Stanton Associate Professor Cellular Biology My research is focused on the use of metacognition to enhance student learning in biology. Website

Docampo, Roberto

Roberto Docampo Professor Cellular Biology Cellular and molecular biology of acidocalcisomes; the role of polyphosphate in trypanosomatids. Website

Dougan, Scott

Scott Dougan Associate Professor Cellular Biology Molecular and cellular basis of pattern formation in vertebrates; developmental genetics of zebrafish. Website

Etheridge, Ronald D.

Ronald D. Etheridge Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Toxoplasma’s Strategies to Manipulate Host Immunity Website

Farmer, Mark

Mark Farmer Professor Cellular Biology Protist systematics, cell evolution, and flagellar development. Website

Gaertig, Jacek

Jacek Gaertig Professor Cellular Biology Molecular cell biology of the cytoskeleton; molecular genetics of ciliates. Website

Kamiyama, Daichi

Daichi Kamiyama Assistant Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Our research is aimed at identifying the principles of neural circuit assembly, which is key to understanding the treatment of neurological disorders. To achieve this, we develop imaging toolkits including fluorescent probes and advanced microscopes. Website

Kipreos, Edward

Edward Kipreos Professor Cellular Biology Regulation of the cell cycle; ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis and development. Website

Klonowski, Kim

Kim Klonowski Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Development and regulation of immunological memory. Website

Kurup, Samarchith

Samarchith Kurup Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Basic immunology of the liver and blood stages of malaria Website

Kyle, Dennis

Dennis Kyle Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Antiparasitic Drug Discovery Cellular Biology & Infectious Diseases The discovery and development of new drugs to prevent or treat malaria and diseases caused by brain-eating amoebae. Elucidating mechanism(s) of resistance and discovering new drug treatment regimens, combinations, or strategies to overcome resistance. Website

Lauderdale, James

James Lauderdale Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Developmental neurobiology: molecular genetic mechanisms of vertebrate eye and forebrain development. Website

Lechtreck, Karl

Karl Lechtreck Associate Professor Cellular Biology Cell Biology of Cilia; Cilia-related diseases, Intracellular Transport. Website

Moreno, Silvia

Silvia Moreno Distinguished Research Professor Cellular Biology, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases Metabolism and drug development against protozoan parasites. Calcium signaling and storage in Toxoplasma gondii. Website

Muralidharan, Vasant

Vasant Muralidharan Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Molecular and cellular biology of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. Website

Quinn, Shannon

Shannon Quinn Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Biomedical imaging and large graph mining in public health applications. Website

Roberts-Galbraith, Rachel

Rachel Roberts-Galbraith Assistant Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Regeneration and development; understanding cellular/molecular mechanisms that underlie neural regeneration in planarians. Website

Russo-Tait, Tati

Tati Russo-Tait Assistant Professor Cellular Biology We engage in interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects employing various methodological approaches to examine different facets of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice issues in undergraduate biology and STEM education. Website

Schulz, Cordula

Cordula Schulz Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Tissue replenishment from stem cells, Drosophila genetics. Website

Shen, Ping

Ping Shen Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Molecular and Cellular Basis of Brain Functions and Development in the Drosophila Model. Website

Tarleton, Rick

Rick Tarleton Professor Cellular Biology Mechanisms of immunity and disease in Trypanosoma cruzi infection (Chagas Disease); Basic and applied biology of T. cruzi. Website

Zeltner, Nadja

Nadja Zeltner Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Effects of pathological stress on cells of the peripheral nervous system and the adrenal gland. In vitro disease modeling using human pluripotent stem cells. Website