EEO Biology

Core Curriculum

Year 1 Fall Semester

  • GENE 6000: Advanced Evolutionary Biology OR
    GENE 8150: Fundamentals of Evolutionary Genetics
  • STAT 6310: Statistical Analysis I
  • Special Topics in EEO Biology


  • Lab Rotations, two 6-week rotations

Year 1 Fall or Spring Semester

One of ecology course selected from:

  • ECOL 8000: Topics in Ecology (Fall)
  • ECOL (FORS) (PBIO): Population Ecology (Fall)
  • ECOL 6010: Ecosystem Ecology (Spring)
  • MARS 8010: Biological Oceanographic Processes (Spring)
  • MARS 8160: Marine Ecology (alternate Springs)


  • One course in Organismic Biology

Year 1 Spring Semester

  • GENE 8650: Responsible Science
  • STAT¬†6320: Statistical Analysis II (or another statistics course of equal content)
  • Special Topics in EEO Biology


  • Lab Rotation, one 6-week rotation

And one of the following systematic courses:

  • ENTO 8050: ¬†Principles of Systematics (alternate Springs)
  • PBIO 6350: Molecular Systematics (alt Springs)