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Amster, Jon

Jon Amster Professor Chemistry Structural analysis and characterization of glycosaminoglycans using mass spectrometry Website

Boons, Geert-Jan

Geert-Jan Boons Professor Chemistry Website

Crich, David

David Crich Professor; Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Drug Design Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences; Chemistry Organic and medicinal chemistry; carbohydrate chemistry; glycomimetics; drug design and development with emphasis on multi-drug resistant infectious diseases Website

Frossard, Amanda

Amanda Frossard Assistant Professor Chemistry Characterization of surface-active organics in marine and anthropogenic aerosol particles and their effects on particle growth and water uptake Website

Hines, Kelly M.

Kelly M. Hines Assistant Professor Chemistry Lipidomic and metabolomic analyses of antimicrobial resistant pathogens using ion mobility and mass spectrometry Website

Locklin, Jason

Jason Locklin Professor Chemistry Our research is focused on functional polymer interfaces. We are currently developing methodologies and platforms that can be used to study biological lubrication, patterning of cellular components in two and 3 dimensions, patterning of glycosaminoglycans to study nerve regeneration, 3D printing of biodegradable scaffolds, and antimicrobial coatings. Website

Morrison, Richard

Richard Morrison Associate Professor Chemistry Development of synthetic organic methodologies to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients. Microwave-promoted synthesis of bioactive amines. Website

Phillips, Robert

Robert Phillips Professor Chemistry; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Enzymes involved in amino acid, especially tryptophan, metabolism which may be drug targets for cancer, hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases. Website

Popik, Vladimir

Vladimir Popik Professor of Chemistry Chemistry Development of biorothogonal protein modification techniques, novel caging groups, and photoactivatable antitumor antibiotics. Website

Urbauer, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Urbauer Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry Structural biology of transcription regulation, steroid hormone activation and breast cancer. Website

Wang, Yifan

Yifan Wang Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry Catalytic mechanisms and structure-function correlations of metalloenzymes; biomedically essential oxygenases Website

Xie, Jin

Jin Xie Associate Professor Chemistry Nanoparticle-based imaging and drug delivery; radiation therapy and photodynamic therapy Website