Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Faculty

Only faculty affiliated with ILS are listed on this page. Learn more about Biochemistry & Molecular Biology faculty. The Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Coordinator is Zachary Wood (

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Adams, Michael

Michael Adams Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Functional and structural genomics, metabolism and enzymology of organisms that grow near 100C. Website

Adang, Mike

Mike Adang Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Entomology Ecology of macroinvertebrates in freshwater wetlands and streams. Website

Azadi, Parastoo

Parastoo Azadi Senior Research Scientist, CCRC Technical Director — Analytical Services, CCRC Structural analysis and hands-on training for all glycoconjugates using mass spectrometry and NMR Website

Barb, Adam W.

Adam W. Barb Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Our goal is to define the impact of protein post-translational modifications on structure and function in the immune system. Website

Blum, David

David Blum Director, Bioexpression & Fermentation Facility Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Protein expression, development of commercially relevant monoclonal antibodies. Website

Cassera, Maria Belen

Maria Belen Cassera Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Metabolomic approaches applied to drug target selection and validation in human pathogens; discovery and development of new chemotherapeutic interventions. Website

Darvill, Alan

Alan Darvill Regents Professor, Director Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Structures and functions of the noncellulosic polysaccharides of plant primary cell walls. Website

Dolan, Erin L. 

Erin L. Dolan Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Innovative Science Education Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Course-based undergraduate research, student integration into the scientific community; research mentoring of undergraduate researchers. Website

Edison, Arthur

Arthur Edison Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics Metabolomics and systems biology of Caenorhabditis elegans using NMR, mass spec, and computational approaches. Website

Funato, Kosuke

Kosuke Funato Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain tumors; oncohistone mutations; human ES cell-based tumor modeling; tumor heterogeneity and evolution Website

Garfinkel, David

David Garfinkel Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Retrovirus-like transposons in budding yeast, control of transposition, restriction factors. Website

Hahn, Michael

Michael Hahn Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Website

Haltiwanger, Robert

Robert Haltiwanger Professor; GRA Eminent Scholar in Biomedical Glycosciences Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Neuroscience Role of glycosylation in regulating Notch signaling, assisting protein folding, and development. Website

Hart, Gerald

Gerald W. Hart Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Eminent Scholar in Drug Discovery; Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Nutrient Regulation of Signaling and Transcription: Mechanisms Underlying Diabetes, Neurodegeneration and Cancer Website

Ivanova, Natalia

Natalia Ivanova Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms regulating preimplantation development, pluripotency, differentiation and cellular reprogramming in humans Website

Kannan, Natarajan

Natarajan Kannan Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics Evolutionary systems biology; protein kinase signaling in plants, pathogens and microbes. Evolution and classification of glycoenzymes. Website

Lanzilotta, William

William Lanzilotta Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology The mechanisms of metalloproteins involved in radical generation, oxidative stress protection, as well as heme synthesis, sensing, aquisition and transport. Website

Lemons, Paula

Paula Lemons Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology My research investigates problem solving among biochemistry undergraduates and the process college science instructors go through as they innovate their teaching. Website

Medlock, Amy

Amy Medlock Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Understanding intracellular and intercellular heme transport. Website

Mohnen, Debra

Debra Mohnen Professor Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Complex Carbohydrate Research Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Plant Biology Biosynthesis and function of the plant cell wall polysaccharide pectin. Anti-cancer effects of pectin. Website

Moremen, Kelley

Kelley Moremen Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Biochemistry, molecular, and structural biology of mammalian glycoprotein biosynthesis and catabolism. Website

Orlando, Ron

Ron Orlando Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Solving biological/biomedical problems with mass spectrometry. Website

Phillips, Robert

Robert Phillips Professor Chemistry; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Enzymes involved in amino acid, especially tryptophan, metabolism which may be drug targets for cancer, hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases. Website

Prestegard, James

James Prestegard Professor Emeritus, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to the characterization of biologically important systems. Website

Rose, John

John Rose Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology X-ray structural biology, the mitochondrial inner membrane space transport system, structure based vaccine and therapeutic design, improved/automated methods for synchrotron SAD data collection and structure determination. Website

Sabatini, Robert

Robert Sabatini Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Molecular and biochemical parasitology: DNA modification, homologous recombination and the regulation of antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei. Website

Schmidt, Walter

Walter K. Schmidt Jr. Professor Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Neuroscience Molecular cell biology and biochemistry of proteases associated with isoprenylated protein maturation and amyloidogenic peptide degradation; cancer; Alzheimer’s disease. Website

Terns, Michael

Michael Terns Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics; Microbiology We study CRISPR-Cas immune systems that protect prokaryotes from viruses and provide powerful research tools for important biotechnology and biomedical applications. Website

Tiemeyer, Michael

Michael Tiemeyer Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Neuroscience Mechanisms that regulate the expression, function, and structure of tissue-specific glycans. Website

Urbanowicz, Breeanna

Breeanna Urbanowicz Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Structure and function of enzymes involved in plant polysaccharide biosynthesis and modification with the long term goal to develop pathway engineering or targeted genomics approaches for enhanced production of bio-materials, -products, and -fuels. Website

Urbauer, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Urbauer Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry Structural biology of transcription regulation, steroid hormone activation and breast cancer. Website

Wang, B.C.

Bi-Cheng Wang Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Structure-function studies by X-ray diffraction, transcription proteins, structural genomics, phasing methods. Website

Weiss, Ryan

Ryan Weiss Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Investigating the regulatory mechanisms of glycosylation using genomic, chemical, and genetic approaches with particular focus on the discovery of novel drugs and targets to treat human diseases. Website

Wells, Lance

Lance Wells Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator ILS Director Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Role of protein glycosylation in intellectual disability, congenital muscular dystrophy, cancer, and viral infection. Website

West, Christopher M.

Christopher M. West Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Oxygen- and glycosylation-dependent regulation of polyubiquitin ligases in Dictyostelium and Toxoplasma gondii; Glycobiology of protozoa. Website

Wood, Zachary

Zachary Wood Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology X-ray crystallographic and biochemical studies of nucleotide sugar metabolism. Website

Woods, Robert

Robert Woods Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Immunological carbohydrate-protein interactions studied by computational simulation and experimental methods. Website

Yin, Hang

Hang Yin Assistant professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Stem cell biology, brown fat development and induction, non-coding RNA, development of novel therapies for human obesity and type 2 diabetes Website

Zeltner, Nadja

Nadja Zeltner Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Effects of pathological stress on cells of the peripheral nervous system and the adrenal gland. In vitro disease modeling using human pluripotent stem cells. Website

Zhao, Shaying

Shaying Zhao Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics Cancer genomics; human junk DNA; genomic instability. Website