Interdisciplinary Groups

Faculty within ILS specialize in many thematic research areas, including but not limited to the following interdisciplinary groups. These groups are not degree granting, but involve faculty from degree granting departments affiliated with ILS. As an ILS student, you can pursue research in any departmental or interdisciplinary thematic area or you can define your own unique research topic.

Research Group

Epigenetics, Chromatin Structure & Genome Function

Chromatin is the substrate for virtually all DNA-dependent processes in the nucleus, including transcription, replication, and DNA repair. Faculty in this group seek to understand how epigenetic and chromatin-based mechanisms contribute to genome function in eukaryotes. We are interested in understanding how histones, non-histone DNA binding proteins, and chromatin modifications contribute to fundamental processes within the nucleus.
Additional thematic groups of faculty can be found on our Training Grant webpage: Disease Ecology, Genetics, Glycoscience, and Tropical & Emerging Global Diseases.