NIH/NSF Training Grants

There are several federally funded graduate training programs available to ILS students once they select a lab and graduate degree program in January of their first year.

These graduate training programs are designed to enhance student outcomes through a variety of best-practices.  Students typically apply for a position within the program during your first year of study at the request of the program’s Director, by nomination, or through a student-initiated process.  Please contact the training program Director for specific instructions on how to be considered for a particular program.

Managed by the Genetics department. Funded by NIH for over 40 years and currently supports 12 PhD students per year. In addition to a generous stipend and payment of fees, each trainee receives funds for travel and supplies. Program contact – Kelly Dyer or Mary Goll


Administered by the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC). Funded by NIH and other sources, its focus is to train future Glycoscientists at the Chemistry/Biology interface. Supports 7-8 students each year, each student supported for 2 years. Trainees also receive travel funds. Program contact – Dr. Bob Haltiwanger and Dr. Jon Amster


Managed by the Center for Tropical and Emerging and Global Diseases (CTEGD). Funded by NIH for more than 10 years and currently supports 5 PhD students per year. Students in this program are encouraged to engage in a capstone experience and CTEGD provides some additional support for that. Program contact – Dr. Silvia Moreno