NIH/NSF Training Grants

There are several federally funded graduate training programs available to ILS students once they select a lab and graduate degree program in January of their first year.

These graduate training programs are designed to enhance student outcomes through a variety of best-practices.  Students typically apply for a position within the program during your first year of study at the request of the program’s Director, by nomination, or through a student-initiated process.  Please contact the training program Director for specific instructions on how to be considered for a particular program.

Managed by the Genetics department. Funded by NIH for over 40 years and currently supports 6 PhD students per year. In addition to a generous stipend and payment of fees, each trainee receives funds for travel and supplies. Program contact – Dave Hall


Administered by the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC). Funded by NIH and other sources, its focus is to train future Glycoscientists at the Chemistry/Biology interface. Supports 7-8 students each year, each student supported for 2 years. Trainees also receive travel funds. Program contact – Dr. Bob Haltiwanger and Dr. Jon Amster

Managed by the Odum School of Ecology. Funded by the NSF Research Traineeship Program. The focus of IDEAS is to train students in interdisciplinary approaches to studying infectious diseases. Supports 4-5 PhD students per year, and each student is supported for 2 years. Program contact – Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa


Managed by the Center for Tropical and Emerging and Global Diseases (CTEGD). Funded by NIH for more than 10 years and currently supports 5 PhD students per year. Students in this program are encouraged to engage in a capstone experience and CTEGD provides some additional support for that. Program contact – Dr. Silvia Moreno