Drug Discovery & Development Faculty

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Drug discovery and development involves identifying new drug targets, synthesis of new chemical or biological entities, preclinical evaluations, and formulation development to maximize therapeutic potential. Members of this multidisciplinary group cover the full spectrum of the drug discovery and development process including areas such as pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion), biopharmaceutics (drug transporters), drug analysis, toxicology, and novel drug formulations and delivery (e.g. liposomes, nanoparticles, and gene delivery).

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Bartlett, Michael

Michael Bartlett University Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Neuroscience ADME of drugs and environmental toxicants; impact of compounds on memory, cognition, and neuropathic pain; oligonucleotide therapeutics and biomarkers. Website

Billmyre, Blake

Blake Billmyre Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Infectious Diseases High throughput genetics to better understand evolution of fungal pathogens and drive antifungal drug discovery. Website

Cai, Houjian

Houjian Cai Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Post-translational modification including protein acylation, fatty acid metabolism, prostate stem cell, Src family kinases, prostate cancer, small molecular inhibitor. Website

Cassera, Maria Belen

Maria Belen Cassera Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Metabolomic approaches applied to drug target selection and validation in human pathogens; discovery and development of new chemotherapeutic interventions. Website

Crich, David

David Crich Professor; Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Drug Design Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Chemistry Organic and medicinal chemistry; carbohydrate chemistry; glycomimetics; drug design and development with emphasis on multi-drug resistant infectious diseases Website

Docampo, Roberto

Roberto Docampo Professor Cellular Biology Cellular and molecular biology of acidocalcisomes; the role of polyphosphate in trypanosomatids. Website

Douglass, Eugene

Eugene Douglass Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Multi-drug resistance(MDR) causes most cancer deaths(Nat. Rev. Cancer 2018, 18, 452). We use organic chemistry, cell biology and data-science to overcome MDR. Website

Funato, Kosuke

Kosuke Funato Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain tumors; oncohistone mutations; human ES cell-based tumor modeling; tumor heterogeneity and evolution Website

Grimsey, Neil J

Neil J. Grimsey Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Defining the spatiotemporal regulation of kinase pathways and the regulation of GPCR induced inflammation and proangiogenic signaling, for the development of therapeutic agents. Website

Handa, Hitesh

Hitesh Handa Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Translational research in biomaterials (antifouling, antiplatelet, antibacterial, and antiviral) for tissue engineering and medical device applications Website

Hummels, Kate

Kate Hummels Assistant Professor Microbiology Our work focuses on understanding the regulation of cell envelope biosynthesis in bacteria using genetic, biochemical, and cell biological approaches. Website

Kanthasamy, Anumantha G.

Anumantha G. Kanthasamy Professor, John H. "Johnny" Isakson Chair, and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Director, Center for Neurological Disease Physiology & Pharmacology Research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, identifying novel druggable targets, discovering prodromal biomarkers and novel reengineered gut microbiome based therapeutics for treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and …

Kanthasamy, Arthi

Arthi Kanthasamy Professor Physiology & Pharmacology Research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, identifying novel immunomodulatory drugs, discovering biomarkers for diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases related dementia. Website

Kennedy, Eileen

Eileen Kennedy Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Chemical biology, kinase signaling, cancer, signal transduction, drug discovery. Website

Kyle, Dennis

Dennis Kyle Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Antiparasitic Drug Discovery Cellular Biology; Infectious Diseases The discovery and development of new drugs to prevent or treat malaria and diseases caused by brain-eating amoebae. Elucidating mechanism(s) of resistance and discovering new drug treatment regimens, combinations, or strategies to overcome resistance. Website

Liu, Dexi

Dexi Liu Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Neuroscience Gene therapy, obesity, drug delivery, gene drug discovery. Website

Momany, Cory

Cory Momany Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences X-ray crystallography of macromolecules, prokaryotic transcriptional regulators. Website

Moreno, Silvia

Silvia Moreno Distinguished Research Professor Cellular Biology, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases Metabolism and drug development against protozoan parasites. Calcium signaling and storage in Toxoplasma gondii. Website

Tompkins, S. Mark

S. Mark Tompkins Professor, Director of Center for Vaccines & Immunology Infectious Diseases; Toxicology Transmission and pathogenicity of zoonotic influenza virus infection and development of vaccination and the prevention and treatment of viral infections. Website

Trent, M. Stephen

M. Stephen Trent UGA Foundation Distinguished Professor Infectious Diseases Characterizing the assembly of bacterial surface structures, development of vaccines for viral and bacterial pathogens, systems approaches to understanding microbial diseases Website

VanDrisse, Chelsey

Chelsey VanDrisse Assistant Professor Genetics Our lab seeks to uncover novel regulatory mechanisms of biofilm formation to undermine bacterial survival in chronic infections. Website

Weiss, Ryan

Ryan Weiss Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Investigating the regulatory mechanisms of glycosylation using genomic, chemical, and genetic approaches with particular focus on the discovery of novel drugs and targets to treat human diseases. Website

White, Catherine

Catherine White Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxicology The influence of gender on the disposition of drugs and drug carriers, and their subsequent therapeutic or toxic outcomes, and the physiological-based pharmacokinetic modeling for utilization in predicting toxicity and exposures. Website

Woods, Robert

Robert Woods Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Immunological carbohydrate-protein interactions studied by computational simulation and experimental methods. Website

Xi, Yaguang

Yaguang Xi UGA Athletic Association Distinguished Professor, Department Head Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Targeted therapy and cancer chemoprevention; preclinical animal models; cancer immunotherapy; tumor microenvironment and exosomal microRNAs; biomarker of tumor metastasis. Website

Xie, Jin

Jin Xie Professor Chemistry Nanoparticle-based imaging and drug delivery; radiation therapy and photodynamic therapy Website

Xie, Zhong-Ru (Paul)

Zhong-Ru (Paul) Xie Assistant Professor Bioinformatics Computational drug discovery, simulation model, new computational tools for drug design Website

Xiong, May

May Xiong Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Biomaterial-based systems in the area of iron chelation therapy, biological metal sensors, overcoming antibiotic drug resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, and chelation of transfusional iron overload. Website

Yin, Hang

Hang Yin Assistant professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Stem cell biology, brown fat development and induction, non-coding RNA, development of novel therapies for human obesity and type 2 diabetes Website

Zastre, Jason

Jason Zastre Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxicology Transport, micronutrient, hypoxia, cancer. Website

Zeltner, Nadja

Nadja Zeltner Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Effects of pathological stress on cells of the peripheral nervous system and the adrenal gland. In vitro disease modeling using human pluripotent stem cells. Website

Zheng, Y. George

Y. George Zheng Professor Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholar Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Drug Development, Chemical Biology, Cancer Disease Mechanism, Epigenetics and Genetics, Histone Modifications, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Enzymology, and Biophysics. Website