Microbial Physiology and Ecology Faculty

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Microbial Physiology and Ecology (MPE) includes research groups that are unified by their focus on understanding the fundamental biology of microorganisms and their interactions between themselves, other organisms and the environment. Research across the MPE group addresses basic and applied questions and takes advantage of wide ranging technical approaches.

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Bergman, Casey 

Casey Bergman Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Website

Bik, Holly

Holly Bik Associate Professor Marine Sciences; Bioinformatics Invertebrate microbiomes; nematode ecology and evolution; benthic and deep-sea habitats; using environmental DNA for biomonitoring Website

Billmyre, Blake

Blake Billmyre Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Infectious Diseases High throughput genetics to better understand evolution of fungal pathogens and drive antifungal drug discovery. Website

Cohen, Natalie

Natalie Cohen Assistant Professor Marine Sciences; Bioinformatics Marine microbial ecology; phytoplankton physiology; ocean biogeochemistry; environmental bioinformatics Website

Dahlstrom, Kurt

Kurt Dahlstrom Assistant Professor Microbiology The rules of microbial community formation to restore and engineer beneficial communities for crops under climate stress and human disease states. Website

Downs, Diana

Diana Downs Distinguished Research Professor Microbiology Bacterial physiology and metabolic integration using biochemical, genetic and metabolomics approaches. Website

Dundas, Chris

Chris Dundas Assistant Professor Plant Biology; Institute of Bioinformatics Using plant and microbial synthetic biology to study and design plant form/function, engineer plant microbiomes, and aid biological carbon sequestration. Website

Eiteman, Mark

Mark A. Eiteman Professor Microbiology Fermentation and biotechnology with emphasis on microbial processes to generate fuels and chemicals; nutrient-limited processes; central metabolism and the effect of redox constraints. Website

Ellison, Courtney

Courtney Ellison Assistant Professor Microbiology Bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation, dynamics of bacterial nanomachines, microbial subcellular organization. Website

Escalante-Semerena, Jorge

Jorge Escalante-Semerena UGA Foundation Distinguished Professor Microbiology Prokaryotic metabolism and physiology with emphasis on protein acetylation, toxic metabolites, and complex metabolic pathway analysis, integration. Website

Frye, Jonathan

Jonathan Frye Research Microbiologist Microbiology We investigate the development and spread of antimicrobial resistant Salmonella, which is the most prevalent foodborne bacterial illness in the U.S. Website

Garfinkel, David

David Garfinkel Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Retrovirus-like transposons in budding yeast, control of transposition, restriction factors. Website

Ginn, Olivia

Olivia Ginn Assistant Professor Bioinformatics Characterization and modeling of antimicrobial resistance and disease transmission in air and water and the implications for human and environmental health.

Harvill, Eric T.

Eric T. Harvill Professor Infectious Diseases Interactions between microbial pathogens and host immunity in the mouse model using bacteria that naturally infect mice and closely related strains that are important human pathogens. Website

Hines, Kelly M.

Kelly M. Hines Assistant Professor Chemistry Lipidomic and metabolomic analyses of antimicrobial resistant pathogens using ion mobility and mass spectrometry Website

Hoover, Tim

Tim Hoover Professor Microbiology Gene regulation in bacteria; regulation of flagellar biogenesis; control of RpoN-dependent transcription in bacteria. Website

Kvitko, Brian

Brian Kvitko Associate Professor Microbiology Molecular mechanisms of plant immune action and bacterial pathogen virulence in model and crop pathosystems. Tool/technique development for phytopathogenesis systems biology and translational research. Website

Lafontaine, Eric

Eric Lafontaine Professor Infectious Diseases Bacterial pathogenesis; role of adhesins in virulence; vaccine development. Website

Lewis, Zachary

Zachary Lewis Professor Microbiology Chromatin structure and function; Epigenetics; Eukaryotic genome stability; Histone H1. Website

Lin, Xiaorong

Xiaorong Lin Professor Microbiology; Plant Biology Human fungal pathogens, sexual reproduction and development in fungal pathogenesis Website

Lipp, Erin

Erin K. Lipp Professor Environmental Health Sciences; Microbiology Environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, marine systems, water quality and public health, disease ecology Website

Maier, Rob

Rob Maier Professor Microbiology Physiology and metallobiology of pathogenic bacteria. Website

Momany, Cory

Cory Momany Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences X-ray crystallography of macromolecules, prokaryotic transcriptional regulators. Website

Momany, Michelle

Michelle Momany Professor Plant Biology Cellular and molecular biology of polar growth in fungi. Website

Moreno, Silvia

Silvia Moreno Distinguished Research Professor Cellular Biology, Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases Metabolism and drug development against protozoan parasites. Calcium signaling and storage in Toxoplasma gondii. Website

Neidle, Ellen

Ellen Neidle Professor Microbiology We use the easy genetic system of a  soil bacterium, Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1,to study diverse aspects of gene expression and chromosomal rearrangements.This research has implications for medical issues (gene amplification), environmental issues (bioremediation), biotechnology/bioenergy (conversion of lignin to biofuels), and evolution (new methods for experimental evolution). Website

Oliver, Kerry

Kerry Oliver Associate Professor Entomology Ecology and evolution of heritable symbiosis in insects. Website

Ottesen, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ottesen Assistant Professor Microbiology Ecology and physiology of environmental microbes. The use of community genomics and transcriptomics to examine microbial behavior in natural systems. Website

Saunders, Jaclyn

Jaclyn Saunders Assistant Professor Marine Sciences Marine microbial ecology and evolution; oceanography, biogeochemistry, astrobiology, bioinformatics, big data analytics in environmental science Website

Shariat, Nikki

Nikki Shariat Assistant Professor Microbiology Molecular epidemiology of bacterial pathogens using metagenomics; ecology of Salmonella serovars in host animals and environments. Website

Starai, Vincent

Vincent Starai Associate Professor Infectious Diseases; Microbiology Bacterial modulation of eukaryotic membrane dynamics for intracellular survival; SNARE-dependent membrane fusion biochemistry. Website

Summers, Anne

Anne Summers Professor Microbiology; Toxicology Environmental stress biology, using biochemical, biophysical, and ‘omics approaches to define the roles of toxic metal exposure in chronic and infectious diseases. Website

Szymanski, Christine

Christine Szymanski Professor Microbiology Microbial glycobiology lab characterizing bacterial glycoconjugate pathways, bacteriophage interactions with their hosts, and benefits of human milk oligosaccharides to develop novel vaccines and therapeutics for the prevention of diarrheal diseases and post-infectious neuropathies such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Website

Trent, M. Stephen

M. Stephen Trent UGA Foundation Distinguished Professor Infectious Diseases Characterizing the assembly of bacterial surface structures, development of vaccines for viral and bacterial pathogens, systems approaches to understanding microbial diseases Website

VanDrisse, Chelsey

Chelsey VanDrisse Assistant Professor Genetics Our lab seeks to uncover novel regulatory mechanisms of biofilm formation to undermine bacterial survival in chronic infections. Website

Wallace, Jason

Jason Wallace Associate Professor Bioinformatics Quantitative genetics, crop genomics, crop-microbiome interactions. Website