Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Faculty

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Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system at the systems, organismic, and cognitive levels. Behavioral neuroscience focuses on the neurobiological bases of behavior.  Research topics include neurotransmitter systems in discrete neural circuits and how plasticity in these systems mediates complex behavior, motivation, emotion, learning, and memory.  Cognitive neuroscience focuses on the neural correlates of higher cognitive functions.  This area typically employs neuroimaging techniques to examine neural activity associated with cognitive, perceptual, and emotional processes.

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Abraham, Anna

Anna Abraham Professor Neuroscience Neurocognition of creativity & imagination – reality/fiction distinction, self/social cognition, mental time travel, semantic cognition, aesthetics Website

Barany, Deborah

Deborah Barany Assistant Professor Neuroscience Neural mechanisms of goal-directed movement; Functional neuroimaging; non-invasive brain stimulation; neurorehabilitation Website

Clementz, Brett

Brett Clementz Professor Neuroscience Structural, functional & genetic abnormalities in schizophrenia. Website

Duberstein, Kylee Jo

Kylee Jo Duberstein Associate Professor Neuroscience; Animal and Dairy Science Animal biomechanics related to disease, injury, conditioning, and nutrition; functional outcomes assessment related to therapeutics development Website

Edwards, Gaylen L.

Gaylen L. Edwards Professor Neuroscience; Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxicology Neural processing of abdominal sensory information. Control of ingestive behavior and autonomic function. Website

Filipov, Nikolay

Nikolay Filipov Professor Physiology and Pharmacology; Neuroscience; Cellular Biology; Toxicology Major research focus areas: Neurotoxicology; Neuroimmunology; Basal ganglia, Neurodevelopmental, and Metabolic disorders. Website

Haas, Brian W.

Brian W. Haas Assistant Professor Neuroscience Biological basis of social behavior and emotion processing in humans. Website

Hammond, Billy

Billy Hammond Professor Neuroscience Website

Holmes, Philip V.

Philip V. Holmes Professor Neuroscience Behavioral neuropharmacology; neuropeptides and trophic factors; plasticity; stress, depression, and addiction. Website

Kanthasamy, Anumantha G.

Anumantha G. Kanthasamy John H. "Johnny" Isakson Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department Director, Center for Neurological Disease Research Research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, identifying novel druggable targets, discovering prodromal biomarkers and novel reengineered gut microbiome based therapeutics for treatment of neurological disorders such as …

Kanthasamy, Arthi

Arthi Kanthasamy Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department Research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, identifying novel immunomodulatory drugs, discovering biomarkers for diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases related dementia. Website

Liu, Shaolin

Shaolin Liu Associate Professor, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Center for Neurological Disease Research Cellular to network mechanisms of olfaction and olfactory dysfunction in diseases including Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, traumatic or neurotoxic brain injuries. Website

Liu, Tianming

Tianming Liu Professor Bioinformatics; Neuroscience Multiscale and multimodal brain mapping with applications to brain diseases. Website

McDowell, Jennifer

Jennifer McDowell Professor Neuroscience Schizophrenia, psychosis, cognitive control, plasticity, saccades, ocular motor system, exercise, f/MRI, DTI. Website

MohanKumar, Piliyur Seshadri

Piliyur Seshadri MohanKumar Professor Neuroscience Neuroendocrinology Reproductive Aging, Stress Axis and Metabolic Function, Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions, Prenatal Programming and its Neuroendocrine Consequences, Neuroendocrine Effects of Exposure to Environmentally Relevant Chemicals Website

MohanKumar, Sheba

Sheba M.J.MohanKumar Associate Professor Neuroscience Neuroendocrine immune interactions in the context of Reproduction and Stress; Prenatal Stress and programming of obesity; Environmental exposures and their impact on Stress and Reproduction; Biomarker development for various human diseases. Website

Noble, Emily

Emily Noble Assistant Professor Nutritional Sciences; Neuroscience Central regulation of feeding behavior, diet and cognitive function, the gut microbiome-brain connection, exercise and brain energy metabolism Website

Oshri, Assaf

Assaf Oshri Associate Professor Neuroscience Youth and Family Resilience: how neurobiological and socioemotional systems adapt to psychosocial stress using multi-level methods (e.g., fMRI, psychophys, observations) Website

Renzi Hammond, Lisa

Lisa Renzi-Hammond Associate Professor Neuroscience Director, Institute of Gerontology Visual neuroscience; risk for neurodegenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer's and related dementias Website

Sabatinelli, Dean

Dean Sabatinelli Associate Professor Neuroscience Hemodynamic and electrocortical measures of emotional scene perception. Website

Schank, Jesse

Jesse Schank Associate Professor Neuroscience; Physiology & Pharmacology The role of stress and neuropeptides in drug seeking behavior using behavioral pharmacology, neuroanatomy, and molecular neuroscience. Website

Tang, Lili

Lili Tang Associate Professor Environmental Health Science; Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program Adverse neurological outcomes; Host-Microbe-Chemical (3-way) interaction; C. elegans model organism. Website

Wagner, John J.

John J. Wagner Professor Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxicology Neurophysiology of the hippocampus, cellular mechanisms of learning and memory, neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse and rodent models of addiction. Website

Wu, Taotao

Taotao Wu Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics Traumatic brain injury: brain network under biomechanical attack, understanding the networked brain through its injury, injury biomechanics, network neuroscience. Website

Xu, Jing

Jing Xu Assistant Professor Neuroscience Identify behavioral, cognitive, and neural mechanisms for dexterity; learning and control principles for skilled movement; rehabilitation after neuromuscular injuries. Website

Ye, Xiaoqin

Xiaoqin Ye Professor Physiology and Pharmacology; Toxicology Molecular mechanism of embryo implantation. Endocrine disruptors on puberty and early pregnancy. Website

Zhang, Hui (Iris)

Hui (Iris) Zhang Associate Professor, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Center for Neurological Disease Research Pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease. Website