Genetics Faculty

Only faculty affiliated with ILS are listed on this page. Learn more about Genetics faculty. The Genetics Graduate Coordinator is Michael White (

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Anderson, Jill

Jill Anderson Associate Professor Genetics Evolutionary genetics and population ecology of plants; global change biology; field ecology; seed dispersal ecology; frugivorous fish. Website

Andrews, Tessa

Tessa Andrews Associate Professor Genetics Undergraduate evolution education; instructor experiences, knowledge, and skills in teaching biology; teaching context and climate in life science departments. Website

Armstrong, Norris

Norris Armstrong Professor Genetics Assessment in large classes; undergraduates as a resource to improve teaching and learning; promoting active learning in large lectures. Website

Arnold, Jonathan

Jonathan Arnold Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Professor, Genetics; Research interest: Fungal gene regulatory and biochemical networks, and biological clocks. Website

Arnold, Michael

Michael Arnold Distinguished Research Professor Genetics Evolutionary significance of genetic exchange; effects of hybridization in natural populations of plants and animals. Website

Bennetzen, Jeff

Jeff Bennetzen Professor Genetics; Bioinformatics Plant genomics and genome evolution, transposable elements, and regulatory gene evolution. Website

Bergman, Casey 

Casey Bergman Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Website

Bi, Pengpeng

Pengpeng Bi Assistant Professor Genetics We use​ the advanced genetic mouse models to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying several diseases: obesity, diabetics, muscle and heart diseases. Website

Billmyre, Katie

Katie Billmyre Assistant Professor, Genetics Department Meiotic chromosome biology using Drosophila as a model system. Website

Burke, Gaelen

Gaelen Burke Associate Professor Entomology Functional and evolutionary genomics of microbial associations with insects; virology, symbiosis, immunity Website

Dawe, Kelly

Kelly Dawe Distinguished Research Professor Genetics; Plant Biology Plant centromere and kinetochore structure and function. Website

Dyer, Kelly

Kelly Dyer Professor Genetics Molecular evolution and evolutionary genetics, in particular genetic conflict, sex chromosome evolution, genetics of adaptation and speciation, and host-parasite interactions. Website

Edison, Arthur

Arthur Edison Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics Metabolomics and systems biology of Caenorhabditis elegans using NMR, mass spec, and computational approaches. Website

Eggenschwiler, Jonathan

Jonathan Eggenschwiler Associate Professor Genetics; Neuroscience Genetic analysis of mouse development; cell fate specification in the embryonic central nervous system; patterning of the body plan’s left-right axis. Website

Goll, Mary

Mary Goll Associate Professor Genetics Epigenetic regulation in the context of development and cancer. We focus on heterochromatin and primarily use zebrafish as a model system. Website

Ivanova, Natalia

Natalia Ivanova Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms regulating preimplantation development, pluripotency, differentiation and cellular reprogramming in humans Website

Kissinger, Jessica

Jessica Kissinger Distinguished Research Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Parasite genomics and the biology of genome evolution. Website

Kushner, Sidney

Sidney Kushner Distinguished Research Professor Genetics Molecular genetics of DNA repair and mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation in E. coli. Website

Mauricio, Rodney

Rodney Mauricio Professor Genetics Ecological genetics of plants; invasive plants; genetics of adaptation. Website

McEachern, Michael

Michael McEachern Professor Genetics Fungal telomere structure and function, and their cellular role(s). Website

Menke, Douglas

Douglas Menke Professor Genetics Developmental Regulation of Gene Expression; Evolution of Vertebrate Morphology. Website

Paterson, Andrew

Andrew Paterson Regents Professor and Head, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory Plant Biology; Genetics; Bioinformatics My unit’s work addresses dimensions of plant genome biology relevant toward a more bio-based economy, linking increased fundamental knowledge to improved human lives. Website

Rozario, Tania

Tania Rozario Assistant Professor Genetics Understanding mechanisms that regulate stem cell behavior, regeneration, and reproductive development in tapeworms Website to come

Schmitz, Bob

Bob Schmitz Professor Genetics Population epigenomics and mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance. Website

Sweigart, Andrea

Andrea Sweigart Professor Genetics Evolutionary genetics and genomics of natural plant populations. Website

Terns, Michael

Michael Terns Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics; Microbiology We study CRISPR-Cas immune systems that protect prokaryotes from viruses and provide powerful research tools for important biotechnology and biomedical applications. Website

Tsai, C.J.

C.J. Tsai Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Bioinformatics; Genetics; Plant Biology Growth-defense tradeoff, phenylpropanoid metabolism and carbon allocation, gene family evolution and functional diversification, alternative splicing and gene duplication. Website

van der Knaap, Esther

Esther van der Knaap Professor Genetics; Plant Biology The regulation of fruit shape and size of tomato and other Solanaceous crops Website

VanDrisse, Chelsey

Chelsey VanDrisse Assistant Professor, Genetics Department Our lab seeks to uncover novel regulatory mechanisms of biofilm formation to undermine bacterial survival in chronic infections. Website

Wares, John

John Wares Professor Genetics Ecological genetics of natural populations. Website

Westpheling, Janet

Janet Westpheling Professor Genetics Molecular genetics of Steptomyces metabolic developmental processes; enhanced biofuel product by bacteria. Website

White, Michael

Michael White Associate Professor Genetics Evolutionary Genomics and Sex Chromosome Evolution. Website

Ye, Kaixiong

Kaixiong Ye Assistant Professor Genetics; Bioinformatics Nutritional Genomics; Human Genetics; Population and Quantitative Genomics; Gene-Diet Interaction during human evolution and in metabolic diseases; Website