Climate Change Faculty

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Biological systems across the globe are impacted by the physical and chemical changes resulting from climate variability and long term environmental change. Faculty in this group use interdisciplinary approaches in the field, state-of-the art methods, and modeling to examine and elucidate the regulation and dynamic feedbacks between the biosphere and climate. We work at multiple scales, ranging from individual organisms to marine and terrestrial ecosystems, to document the observed acute and chronic responses to climate change and develop predictive models to better understand our future world.

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Anderson, Jill

Jill Anderson Associate Professor Genetics Evolutionary genetics and population ecology of plants; global change biology; field ecology; seed dispersal ecology; frugivorous fish. Website

Bensasson, Douda 

Douda Bensasson Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Plant Biology Genome bioinformatics, ecological and evolutionary genomics of yeast. Website

Bik, Holly

Holly Bik Assistant Professor Marine Sciences, Bioinformatics Invertebrate microbiomes; nematode ecology and evolution; benthic and deep-sea habitats; using environmental DNA for biomonitoring Website

DeMarche, Megan

Megan DeMarche Assistant Professor Plant Biology Plant evolutionary ecology; population dynamics; responses to climate change Website

Dundas, Chris

Chris Dundas Assistant Professor Department of Plant Biology & Institute of Bioinformatics Using plant and microbial synthetic biology to study and design plant form/function, engineer plant microbiomes, and aid biological carbon sequestration. Website

Frischer, Marc

Marc Frischer Professor Marine Sciences Role of microbial diversity in marine environments and the utilization of molecular methods to investigate microbial diversity, interactions between micro- and macroscopic organisms and the functioning of marine ecosystems. Website

Frossard, Amanda

Amanda Frossard Assistant Professor Chemistry Characterization of surface-active organics in marine and anthropogenic aerosol particles and their effects on particle growth and water uptake Website

Joye, Samantha

Samantha Joye Professor Marine Sciences Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in aquatic systems (saline lakes, coastal environments, deep ocean sediments). Biogeochemical and molecular ecological dynamics of microbial community composition and microbial activity. Website

Lipp, Erin

Erin K. Lipp Professor Environmental Health Sciences; Microbiology Environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, marine systems, water quality and public health, disease ecology Website

Meile, Christof

Christof Meile Professor Marine Sciences Biogeochemical nutrient cycling in porous media and aquatic systems, reactive transport modeling of microbially mediated processes. Website

Moran, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Moran Professor Marine Sciences Ecology of marine bacteria in the carbon and sulfur cycles; application of ecological functional genomics techniques to marine microbes. Website

Paterson, Andrew

Andrew Paterson Regents Professor and Head, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory Plant Biology; Genetics; Bioinformatics My unit’s work addresses dimensions of plant genome biology relevant toward a more bio-based economy, linking increased fundamental knowledge to improved human lives. Website

Peach, Dan

Dan Peach Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases Dr Peach's research interests are in the field of vector ecology, with a focus on behavioral and sensory ecology. He is primarily focused on how arthropod vectors, such as mosquitoes, find and interact with resources such as the hosts they bite, the flowers they nectar-feed from (and pollinate) or …

Saunders, Jaclyn

Jaclyn Saunders Assistant Professor Marine Sciences Marine microbial ecology and evolution; oceanography, biogeochemistry, astrobiology, bioinformatics, big data analytics in environmental science Website

Spivak, Amanda

Amanda Spivak Associate Professor Marine Sciences Coastal ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry; ecosystem resilience to and recovery from disturbances; global change; carbon cycling Website

Trapnell, Dorset

Dorset Trapnell Assistant Professor Plant Biology Evolutionary biology and population genetics of natural plant populations, specifically evolutionary factors that shape patterns of genetic variation and mechanisms for partitioning and maintaining species-wide diversity. Website

Wares, John

John Wares Professor Genetics Ecological genetics of natural populations. Website

Yager, Patricia

Patricia Yager Professor Marine Sciences Marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistry; climate change. Website