Insect Biology Faculty

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Insects are the most species rich and diverse animals on Earth. They are key components in most ecosystems as predators and prey, as well as essential organisms in herbivory, pollination, parasitism and nutrient cycling. Insects are vectors of many diseases and pests in agriculture, forestry and urban environments. Their small size and short generation times make them excellent model organisms for topics ranging from biomedicine and biotechnology to population biology and ecosystem dynamics.

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Batzer, Darold

Darold Batzer Professor Entomology Distinguished Research Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Research interest: Functional and structural genomics, metabolism and enzymology of organisms that grow near 100C. Website

Bergman, Casey 

Casey Bergman Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Website

Billmyre, Katie

Katie Billmyre Assistant Professor, Genetics Department Meiotic chromosome biology using Drosophila as a model system. Website

Burke, Gaelen

Gaelen Burke Associate Professor Entomology Functional and evolutionary genomics of microbial associations with insects; virology, symbiosis, immunity Website

Cai, Haini

Haini Cai Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Nuclear and genome organization; Chromatin structure and function; Gene regulation in Drosophila development. Website

Champagne, Don

Don Champagne Associate Professor Entomology Role of arthropod salivary factors in pathogen transmission and immune responses in their vertebrate hosts. Website

Dyer, Kelly

Kelly Dyer Professor Genetics Molecular evolution and evolutionary genetics, in particular genetic conflict, sex chromosome evolution, genetics of adaptation and speciation, and host-parasite interactions. Website

Hunt, Brendan

Brendan Hunt Associate Professor Entomology Behavioral and evolutionary genetics and epigenetics of social insects. Website

McHugh, Joe

Joe McHugh Professor Entomology Evolution, systematics and anatomy of insects. Website

Moore, Patricia

Patricia Moore Professor Entomology The role of developmental mechanisms in sexual selection and the evolution of reproductive strategies in insects. Website

Oliver, Kerry

Kerry Oliver Associate Professor Entomology Ecology and evolution of heritable symbiosis in insects. Website

Paton, Douglas

Douglas Paton Assistant Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases Vector mosquito biology, malaria transmission, and vector/pathogen interactions. Novel interventions for malaria elimination. Website

Peach, Dan

Dan Peach Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases Dr Peach's research interests are in the field of vector ecology, with a focus on behavioral and sensory ecology. He is primarily focused on how arthropod vectors, such as mosquitoes, find and interact with resources such as the hosts they bite, the flowers they nectar-feed from (and pollinate) or …

Ross, Ken

Ken Ross Professor Entomology Population biology, evolutionary genetics, molecular systematics, and comparative genomics of social insects (fire ants) with an emphasis on studies of genetic variation. Website

Salzman, Shayla

Shayla Salzman Assistant Professor, Entomology Multi-modal signaling between plants and insects, evolution and mechanism of inter-species interactions. Techniques include insect behavior, chemical ecology, and phylogenetics. Website

Schulz, Cordula

Cordula Schulz Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Tissue replenishment from stem cells, Drosophila genetics. Website

Shen, Ping

Ping Shen Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience Molecular and Cellular Basis of Brain Functions and Development in the Drosophila Model. Website

Stanger-Hall, Kathrin

Kathrin Stanger-Hall Professor Plant Biology; Adjunct Faculty in Entomology and the College of Education Phylogenetics and Evolution of Fireflies (Coleoptera, Lampyridae), Signal evolution, Science communication. Website

Strand, Mike

Mike Strand Distinguished Research Professor Entomology Molecular and evolutionary biology of insect parasites; virology, immunology, symbiont evolution, reproduction. Website

Vogel, Kevin

Kevin Vogel Assistant Professor Entomology Integrating physiology, genomics, evolution, and microbial symbiosis to understand the biology of insect vectors of disease. Website