Systems Biology Faculty

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Systems biology is an emerging approach applied to biomedical and biological scientific research. Systems biology is a biology-based inter-disciplinary field of study that focuses on complex interactions within biological systems, using a more holistic perspective (holism instead of the more traditional reductionism) approach to biological and biomedical research.

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Bik, Holly

Holly Bik Associate Professor Marine Sciences; Bioinformatics Invertebrate microbiomes; nematode ecology and evolution; benthic and deep-sea habitats; using environmental DNA for biomonitoring Website

Billmyre, Blake

Blake Billmyre Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Infectious Diseases High throughput genetics to better understand evolution of fungal pathogens and drive antifungal drug discovery. Website

Buell, C. Robin

C. Robin Buell Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Crop Genomics Bioinformatics Plant genome biology with a focus on crops and medicinal plants; Synthetic biology; Evolution of natural product biosynthesis Website

Douglass, Eugene

Eugene Douglass Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Multi-drug resistance(MDR) causes most cancer deaths(Nat. Rev. Cancer 2018, 18, 452). We use organic chemistry, cell biology and data-science to overcome MDR. Website

Downs, Diana

Diana Downs Distinguished Research Professor Microbiology Bacterial physiology and metabolic integration using biochemical, genetic and metabolomics approaches. Website

Dundas, Chris

Chris Dundas Assistant Professor Plant Biology; Institute of Bioinformatics Using plant and microbial synthetic biology to study and design plant form/function, engineer plant microbiomes, and aid biological carbon sequestration. Website

Edison, Arthur

Arthur Edison Professor GRA Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics Metabolomics and systems biology of Caenorhabditis elegans using NMR, mass spec, and computational approaches. Website

Eiteman, Mark

Mark A. Eiteman Professor Microbiology Fermentation and biotechnology with emphasis on microbial processes to generate fuels and chemicals; nutrient-limited processes; central metabolism and the effect of redox constraints. Website

Ginn, Olivia

Olivia Ginn Assistant Professor Bioinformatics Characterization and modeling of antimicrobial resistance and disease transmission in air and water and the implications for human and environmental health.

Greer, Adam

Adam Greer Assistant Professor Marine Sciences Zooplankton ecology, predator-prey interactions, ocean biophysical coupling, plankton imaging and analysis Website

Guo, Tai L.

Tai L. Guo Professor Toxicology; Neuroscience (Immuno)Toxicology of nanobiomaterials and endocrine disruptors; Diabetes, prostate cancer, asthma, probiotics, microbiome; Translational study ( Website

Hines, Kelly M.

Kelly M. Hines Assistant Professor Chemistry Lipidomic and metabolomic analyses of antimicrobial resistant pathogens using ion mobility and mass spectrometry Website

Hoarfrost, Adrienne

Adrienne Hoarfrost Assistant Professor Marine Sciences Marine microbiology; carbon cycling and biogeochemistry; AI/machine learning for biology; bioinformatics; astrobiology; space biology; marine biotech. Website

Ivanova, Natalia

Natalia Ivanova Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms regulating preimplantation development, pluripotency, differentiation and cellular reprogramming in humans Website

Joyner, Chester

Chester Joyner Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases All facets of host-parasite interactions during malaria, ranging from molecular pathogenesis to malaria immunology to transmission Website

Kannan, Natarajan

Natarajan Kannan Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics Evolutionary systems biology; protein kinase signaling in plants, pathogens and microbes. Evolution and classification of glycoenzymes. Website

Kissinger, Jessica

Jessica Kissinger Distinguished Research Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics Parasite genomics and the biology of genome evolution. Website

Liu, Liang

Liang Liu Assistant Professor Bioinformatics Phylogenetics, evolutionary biology, statistics. Website

Mao, Leidong

Leidong Mao Associate Professor Bioinformatics Micro- and nano-technology, lab-on-a-chip systems, microfluidics, single cell study, cancer diagnostics. Website

Meile, Christof

Christof Meile Professor Marine Sciences Biogeochemical nutrient cycling in porous media and aquatic systems, reactive transport modeling of microbially mediated processes. Website

Menke, Douglas

Douglas Menke Professor Genetics Developmental Regulation of Gene Expression; Evolution of Vertebrate Morphology. Website

Moran, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Moran Professor Marine Sciences Ecology of marine bacteria in the carbon and sulfur cycles; application of ecological functional genomics techniques to marine microbes. Website

Mrázek, Jan

Jan Mrázek Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Microbiology Use bioinformatics and comparative genomics to study relationships between the genomic DNA sequence and the organism’s physiological characteristics,and regulatory processes that govern the flow of genetic information. Website

Nelms, Brad

Brad Nelms Assistant Professor Plant Biology Cell differentiation during plant reproduction, genomics and gene regulatory networks, single-cell RNA-sequencing, reprogramming cell fate Website

Quinn, Shannon

Shannon Quinn Assistant Professor Cellular Biology Biomedical imaging and large graph mining in public health applications. Website

Schliekelman, Paul

Paul Schliekelman Associate Professor Bioinformatics My research group develops statistical and and computational approaches to better extract information from biological data, particularly in the genotype-phenotype relationship. Website

Taha, Thiab

Thiab Taha Professor Bioinformatics Computational Science and Parallel Computing; Bioinformatics: Involved in a project called: Computing Life: to solve system of differential equations that model biochemical reaction networks by using efficient/parallel numerical methods. Website

Tang, Lili

Lili Tang Associate Professor Environmental Health Science; Toxicology Adverse neurological outcomes; Host-Microbe-Chemical (3-way) interaction; C. elegans model organism. Website

Tsai, C.J.

C.J. Tsai Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Bioinformatics; Genetics; Plant Biology Growth-defense tradeoff, phenylpropanoid metabolism and carbon allocation, gene family evolution and functional diversification, alternative splicing and gene duplication. Website

Ye, Kaixiong

Kaixiong Ye Associate Professor Genetics; Bioinformatics Nutritional Genomics; Human Genetics; Population and Quantitative Genomics; Gene-Diet Interaction during human evolution and in metabolic diseases; Website

Zhao, Shaying

Shaying Zhao Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics Cancer genomics; human junk DNA; genomic instability. Website