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Category: Biology Education Research

Bolger, Molly


Molly Bolger

Associate Professor, Cellular Biology

Biology education; Understanding student scientific development; Biological modeling in classrooms; Instructor reasoning in non-traditional classrooms


Majewska, Ania


Ania Majewska

Assistant Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department

Course-based undergraduate research experiences, virtual reality in learning physiology and anatomy, culturally responsive teaching.


Ovid, Dax

Ovid, Dax

Dax Ovid

Assistant Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department

CORPUS Education Lab: Collaborative Opportunities for Research in Physiology and Under/Graduate Science | DBER | Curriculum Studies | Equity & Inclusion


Russo-Tait, Tati


Tati Russo-Tait

Assistant Professor
Cellular Biology

We engage in interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects employing various methodological approaches to examine different facets of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice issues in undergraduate biology and STEM education.


Dolan, Erin L. 


Erin L. Dolan

Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Innovative Science Education
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Course-based undergraduate research, student integration into the
scientific community; research mentoring of undergraduate researchers.


Quinn, Shannon

6 Quinn

Shannon Quinn

Assistant Professor
Cellular Biology

Biomedical imaging and large graph mining in public health applications.



Frischer, Marc

Digital StillCamera

Marc Frischer

Marine Sciences

Role of microbial diversity in marine environments and the utilization of molecular methods
to investigate microbial diversity, interactions between micro- and macroscopic organisms and
the functioning of marine ecosystems.


Dangremond Stanton, Julie

Julie Stanton Headshot 2021

Julie Dangremond Stanton

Associate Professor
Cellular Biology

My research is focused on the use of metacognition to enhance student learning in biology.


Lemons, Paula


Paula Lemons

Associate Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

My research investigates problem solving among biochemistry undergraduates and the process
college science instructors go through as they innovate their teaching.


Brickman, Peggy

Description: Marguerite (Peggy) Brickman

Caption: Peggy Brickman is an associate professor in the department of plant biology at the University of Georgia.

Date of Photo: 2/12/2013
Credit: Robert Newcomb, University of Georgia
Photographic Services File: 29678-001

The University of Georgia owns the rights to this image or has permission to redistribute this image. Permission to use this image is granted for internal UGA publications and promotions and for a one-time use for news purposes. Separate permission and payment of a fee is required to use any image for any other purpose, including but not limited to, commercial, advertising or illustrative purposes. Unauthorized use of any of these copyrighted photographs is unlawful and may subject the user to civil and criminal penalties. Possession of this image signifies agreement to all the terms described above.

Peggy Brickman

Plant Biology

Factors that motivate undergraduates to learn science; scientific literacy skill acquisition;
and effective methods to provide instructional feedback.