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Category: Faculty

Dundas, Chris


Chris Dundas

Assistant Professor
Department of Plant Biology & Institute of Bioinformatics

Using plant and microbial synthetic biology to study and design plant form/function, engineer plant microbiomes, and aid biological carbon sequestration.


Perez, Camilo


Camilo Perez

Assistant Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Our research aims to elucidate the mechanism of membrane transporters, flippases, and polymerases involved in bacterial cell wall biosynthesis, unravel how their function influences bacterial adaptation, discover inhibitory molecules for the development of new antimicrobials, and repurpose the activity of these proteins for applications in the synthesis of glycoconjugates. Our lab uses a multidisciplinary approach, combining techniques such as single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), X-ray crystallography, live cell assays, and various biochemical/biophysical methods to study the function and molecular mechanism of membrane proteins.


Tang, Lili


Lili Tang

Associate Professor
Environmental Health Science; Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program

Adverse neurological outcomes; Host-Microbe-Chemical (3-way) interaction; C. elegans model organism.


Fox, Spencer J.


Spencer J. Fox

Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics

Understanding and forecasting infectious disease dynamics with the goal of improving public health outcomes and policies; specialize in integrating population-level infectious disease data with epidemiological models through statistical analysis and simulation; primarily work on respiratory viruses like influenza and COVID-19, among others.


Salzman, Shayla


Shayla Salzman

Assistant Professor, Entomology

Multi-modal signaling between plants and insects, evolution and mechanism of inter-species interactions. Techniques include insect behavior, chemical ecology, and phylogenetics.


Bolger, Molly


Molly Bolger

Associate Professor, Cellular Biology

Biology education; Understanding student scientific development; Biological modeling in classrooms; Instructor reasoning in non-traditional classrooms


Li, Wentao


Wentao Li

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Science; Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program

The research in Dr. Li’s laboratory combines biochemistry, genetics, adductomics and computational approaches to investigate effects of epigenetics and spatial genome organization on environmental carcinogen-induced DNA damage formation, DNA repair, mutagenesis, and carcinogenesis.


Wu, Taotao


Taotao Wu

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Traumatic brain injury: brain network under biomechanical attack, understanding the networked brain through its injury, injury biomechanics, network neuroscience.


Ginn, Olivia


Olivia Ginn

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Characterization and modeling of antimicrobial resistance and disease transmission in air and water and the implications for human and environmental health.

Gill, Mandev S.


Mandev S. Gill

Assistant Professor, Institute of Bioinformatics

Statistical and computational methods for phylodynamic inference.