Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) at the University of Georgia provides:

  • PhD training in emerging and interdisciplinary areas
  • Customized research specializations
  • Competitive financial support
  • Strong mentoring and outcomes

At UGA, you choose. Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) allows first-year graduate students to explore the research areas of nearly 250 faculty and 14 participating PhD graduate programs. Entering students perform three laboratory rotations and take a streamlined and innovative curriculum in the Fall semester that is designed to facilitate the transition to graduate education and research.  Students then choose a thesis advisor, graduate program, and begin thesis research.  A hallmark of this competitive graduate program is its emphasis on existing and emerging interdisciplinary research areas.

Apply now!

The application deadline is December 1st (the deadline has been extended to December 8th).

Learn more about ILS through this informative video (~4 min.)