Photo of Michael W. W. Adams
Michael W. W. Adams
Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Functional and structural genomics, metabolism and enzymology of organisms that grow near 100C.

Photo of Mike Adang
Mike Adang
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Entomology

Insect molecular investigations which facilitate long-term use of Bacillus thuringiensis for insect pest control.

Photo of Jon Amster
Jon Amster
Professor Chemistry

Structural analysis and characterization of glycosaminoglycans using mass spectrometry

Photo of Jill Anderson
Jill Anderson
Assistant Professor Genetics

Evolutionary genetics and population ecology of plants; global change biology; field ecology; seed dispersal ecology; frugivorous fish

Photo of Tessa Andrews
Tessa Andrews
Assistant Professor Genetics

Undergraduate evolution education; instructor experiences, knowledge, and skills in teaching biology; teaching context and climate in life science departments.

Photo of Norris Armstrong
Norris Armstrong
Associate Professor Genetics

Assessment in large classes; undergraduates as a resource to improve teaching and learning; promoting active learning in large lectures.

Photo of Jonathan Arnold
Jonathan Arnold
Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics

Fungal gene regulatory and biochemical networks,and biological clocks.

Photo of Michael Arnold
Michael Arnold
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics

Evolutionary significance of genetic exchange; effects of hybridization in natural populations of plants and animals.

Photo of Fikri Avci
Fikri Avci
Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Mechanisms of immune activation by carbohydrate antigens; design and development of knowledge-based vaccines and therapeutics against pathogens and cancers.

Photo of Maor Bar-Peled
Maor Bar-Peled
Associate Professor Plant Biology

Molecular cell biology of the wall, Biofuel and BioEnergy, Golgi as model for System biology, Plant Immunity.

Photo of Michael G. Bartlett
Michael G. Bartlett
Georgia Athletic Association Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

ADME of drugs and environmental toxicants; impact of compounds on memory, cognition, and neuropathic pain; oligonucleotide therapeutics and biomarkers.

Photo of Darold Batzer
Darold Batzer
Professor Entomology

Ecology of macroinvertebrates in freshwater wetlands and streams.

Photo of Warren Beach
Warren Beach
Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Synthesis of compounds as potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Photo of Jeff Bennetzen
Jeff Bennetzen
Professor Genetics

Plant genomics and genome evolution, transposable elements, and regulatory gene evolution.

Photo of Douda Bensasson
Douda Bensasson
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics; Plant Biology

Genome bioinformatics, ecological and evolutionary genomics of yeast.

Photo of Casey Bergman
Casey Bergman
Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics
Photo of Brian Binder
Brian Binder
Associate Professor Marine Sciences

Ecology and physiology of marine pico-phytoplankton; regulation of growth in cyanobacteria; application of flow cytometry to problems in marine microbial ecology.

Photo of David L. Blum
David L. Blum
Director, Bioexpression & Fermentation Facility Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Protein expression, development of commercially relevant monoclonal antibodies.

Photo of Geert-Jan Boons
Geert-Jan Boons
Professor Chemistry
Photo of Peggy Brickman
Peggy Brickman
Professor Plant Biology

Factors that motivate undergraduates to learn science; scientific literacy skill acquisition; and effective methods to provide instructional feedback.

Photo of Melinda Brindley
Melinda Brindley
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Arenavirus glycoprotein structure and function; virus entry and membrane fusion; emerging virus-host interactions

Photo of Mark R. Brown
Mark R. Brown
Professor Entomology; Neuroscience

Neuroendocrinology of development, reproduction, and metabolism in insects; evolution of peptide hormone structure and function.

Photo of James Bruckner
James Bruckner
Professor Department of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Bruckner’s main focus of ongoing research is on basic toxicology and pharmacokinetic questions that impact assessments of risks of chemicals to human health.

Photo of Alexander Bucksch
Alexander Bucksch
Assistant Professor Plant Biology; Bioinformatics

Computational Plant Science, Phenotyping, Plant Imaging and Simulation

Photo of Gaelen Burke
Gaelen Burke
Assistant Professor Entomology

Functional and evolutionary genomics of microbial associations with insects; virology, symbiosis, immunity.

Photo of John M. Burke
John M. Burke
Professor Plant Biology

Evolutionary genetics; molecular evolution; genomics.

Photo of Haini N. Cai
Haini N. Cai
Associate Professor Cellular Biology

Nuclear and genome organization; Chromatin structure and function; Gene regulation in Drosophila development.

Photo of Houjian Cai
Houjian Cai
Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Post-translational modification including protein acylation, fatty acid metabolism, prostate stem cell, Src family kinases, prostate cancer, small molecular inhibitor

Photo of Liming Cai
Liming Cai
Professor Bioinformatics
Photo of Jarrod A. Call
Jarrod A. Call
Assistant Professor Physiology & Pharmacology

Skeletal muscle and mitochondrial physiology. Regenerative medicine following traumatic muscle injury, disease, and aging.

Photo of Maria Belen Cassera
Maria Belen Cassera
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Metabolomic approaches applied to drug target selection and validation in human pathogens; discovery and development of new chemotherapeutic interventions.

Photo of Don Champagne
Don Champagne
Associate Professor Entomology

Role of arthropod salivary factors in pathogen transmission and immune responses in their vertebrate hosts.

Photo of Shu-Mei Chang
Shu-Mei Chang
Associate Professor Plant Biology

Evolutionary Ecology of flowering plants; Plant mating system evolution.

Photo of Shiyou Chen
Shiyou Chen
Professor Physiology & Pharmacology

Molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases including vascular remodeling, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, hypertension, organ fibrosis, and asthma.

Photo of Justin Choi
Justin Choi
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Genome and transcriptome assembly, computational genomics and epigenomics, computational cancer research

Photo of Brett Clementz
Brett Clementz
Professor Neuroscience

Structural, functional & genetic abnormalities in schizophrenia.

Photo of Julie Coffield
Julie Coffield
Associate Professor Physiology and Pharmacology; Toxicology

Neurotoxic agents that alter synaptic transmission. The actions of toxins such as the Clostridial neurotoxins (Botulinum and Tetanus) at the mammalian neuromuscular junction.

Photo of Brian Condie
Brian Condie
Associate Professor Genetics; Neuroscience

The genetic analysis of mouse pharyngeal development and the development of new tools for chromosome engineering.

Photo of Brian Cummings
Brian Cummings
Associate Professor Neuroscience; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxicology

Molecular toxicology, cell signaling, prostate cancer, anti-cancer, kidney.

Photo of Steve Dalton
Steve Dalton
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Stem cell biology, development of cell therapies for type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Pluripotent stem cells in early development and induced pluripotent stem cells- cell reprogramming.

Photo of Julie Dangremond Stanton
Julie Dangremond Stanton
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

My research is focused on the use of metacognition to enhance student learning in biology.

Photo of Alan Darvill
Alan Darvill
Regents Professor, Director Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Structures and functions of the noncellulosic polysaccharides of plant primary cell walls.

Photo of Kelly Dawe
Kelly Dawe
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics; Plant Biology

Plant centromere and kinetochore structure and function.

Photo of Rabin De La Fuente
Rabin De La Fuente
Associate Professor Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxicology
Photo of Katrien M. Devos
Katrien M. Devos
Professor Bioinformatics; Plant Biology

Crop genetics, comparative genomics and genome evolution.

Photo of Julia Diaz
Julia Diaz
Assistant Professor Marine Sciences

The role of reactive oxygen species in coral bleaching. Identifying the enzymes involved in the utilization of alternative phosphorus sources by marine phytoplankton. Characterizing enzymatic modes of extracellular superoxide production by diatoms.

Photo of Harry W. Dickerson
Harry W. Dickerson
Professor Infectious Diseases

Comparative Immunology; molecular parasitology.

Photo of Rodney Dishman
Rodney Dishman
Professor Neuroscience
Photo of Kevin K. Dobbin
Kevin K. Dobbin
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Cancer biomarkers, high dimensional data, translational cancer research.

Photo of Roberto Docampo
Roberto Docampo
Professor Cellular Biology

Cellular and molecular biology of acidocalcisomes; the role of polyphosphate in trypanosomatids.

Photo of Erin L. Dolan
Erin L. Dolan
Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Innovative Science Education Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Course-based undergraduate research, student integration into the scientific community; research mentoring of undergraduate researchers.

Photo of Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan
Professor Plant Biology

Plant evolutionary ecophysiology, adaptations to stress.

Photo of Scott T. Dougan
Scott T. Dougan
Associate Professor Cellular Biology

Molecular and cellular basis of pattern formation in vertebrates; developmental genetics of zebrafish.

Photo of Diana M. Downs
Diana M. Downs
Professor Microbiology

Bacterial physiology and metabolic integration using biochemical, genetic and metabolomics approaches.

Photo of Kelly Dyer
Kelly Dyer
Associate Professor Genetics

Molecular evolution and evolutionary genetics, in particular genetic conflict, sex chromosome evolution, genetics of adaptation and speciation, and host-parasite interactions.

Photo of Arthur S. Edison
Arthur S. Edison
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics

Structural analysis and characterization of glycosaminoglycans using mass spectrometryStructural analysis and characterization of glycosaminoglycans using mass spectrometry Metabolomics and systems biology of Caenorhabditis elegans using NMR, mass spec, and computational approaches.


Photo of Gaylen L. Edwards
Gaylen L. Edwards
Professor Neuroscience; Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxicology

Neural processing of abdominal sensory information. Control of ingestive behavior and autonomic function.

Photo of Jonathan Eggenschwiler
Jonathan Eggenschwiler
Assistant Professor Genetics

Genetic analysis of mouse development; cell fate specification in the embryonic central nervous system; patterning of the body plan’s left-right axis.

Photo of Jorge C. Escalante-Semerena
Jorge C. Escalante-Semerena
UGA Foundation Distinguished Professor Microbiology

Prokaryotic metabolism and physiology with emphasis on protein acetylation, toxic metabolites, and complex metabolic pathway analysis, integration.

Photo of Ronald D. Etheridge
Ronald D. Etheridge
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Toxoplasma’s Strategies to Manipulate Host Immunity

Photo of Vanessa Ezenwa
Vanessa Ezenwa
Associate Professor Infectious Diseases
Photo of Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer
Professor Cellular Biology

Protist systematics, cell evolution, and flagellar development.

Photo of Nikolay (Nick) M. Filipov
Nikolay (Nick) M. Filipov
Associate Professor Physiology and Pharmacology; Neuroscience; Cellular Biology; Toxicology

Major research focus areas: Neurotoxicology; Neuroimmunology; Basal ganglia, Neurodevelopmental, and Metabolic disorders

Photo of Brian Forschler
Brian Forschler
Professor Entomology

The mission of the Household and Structural Entomology program is acquisition of information on behavior, biology, ecology and evolution of associations with arthropods and human habitation.

Photo of James Franklin
James Franklin
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Mitochondria in neuronal apoptosis.

Photo of Marc Frischer
Marc Frischer
Professor Marine Sciences

Role of microbial diversity in marine environments and the utilization of molecular methods to investigate microbial diversity, interactions between micro- and macroscopic organisms and the functioning of marine ecosystems.

Photo of Jonathan G. Frye
Jonathan G. Frye
Research Microbiologist Microbiology

We investigate the development and spread of antimicrobial resistant Salmonella, which is the most prevalent foodborne bacterial illness in the U.S.

Photo of Jacek Gaertig
Jacek Gaertig
Professor Cellular Biology

Biogenesis of microtubule-based organelles including cilia, organelle compartmentalization, intracellular patterning.

Photo of David J. Garfinkel
David J. Garfinkel
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Retrovirus-like transposons in budding yeast, factors that modulate retrotransposition and genome stability.

Photo of Travis C. Glenn
Travis C. Glenn
Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Toxciology

Environmental Genomics; Crocodilians; Reptilian Genomics; Molecular Ecology.

Photo of Claiborne V. C. Glover
Claiborne V. C. Glover
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Protein phosphorylation in budding yeast.

Photo of Mary Goll
Mary Goll
Assistant Professor Genetics

Epigenetic regulation in the context of development and cancer. We focus on heterochromatin and primarily use zebrafish as a model system.

Photo of Adam Goodie
Adam Goodie
Professor Neuroscience

Judgment and decision making, especially the role of control in decision making, Bayesian updating, and cognitive contributors to problem gambling.

Photo of Phillip Greenspan
Phillip Greenspan
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Inhibition of glycation and LDL oxidation by natural products and nutraceuticals

Photo of Tai L. Guo
Tai L. Guo
Professor Toxicology

(Immuno)Toxicology of nanobiomaterials and endocrine disruptors; Diabetes, prostate cancer, asthma, probiotics, microbiome; Translational study (http://www.devertigo.com)

Photo of Juan B. Gutierrez
Juan B. Gutierrez
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Dynamical systems; genetic control invasive species, and malaria.

Photo of Brian W. Haas
Brian W. Haas
Assistant Professor Neuroscience

Biological basis of social behavior and emotion processing in humans.

Photo of Michael Hahn
Michael Hahn
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Photo of Dave Hall
Dave Hall
Associate Professor Genetics

Experimental evolution in budding yeast. Mathematical models of evolution.

Photo of Robert Haltiwanger
Robert Haltiwanger
Professor; GRA Eminent Scholar in Biomedical Glycosciences Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Role of glycosylation in regulating Notch signaling, assisting protein folding, and development.

Photo of Billy Hammond
Billy Hammond
Professor Neuroscience
Photo of Andreas Handel
Andreas Handel
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

My research focuses on mathematical and computational modeling of within-host and between-host infectious disease dynamics.

Photo of Donald Harn
Donald Harn
Professor and GRA Distinguished Investigator Infectious Diseases

Mechanistic analysis of parasite induced immune suppression. Translational research on immuno-modulation pertaining to inflammation based diseases. Vaccine development and trials.

Photo of Elizabeth Harvey
Elizabeth Harvey
Assistant Professor Marine Sciences

Our research focuses on how important ecological interactions (competition, predation, mutalism, commensalism) between individuals (from viruses to mesozooplankton) can influence larger-scale patterns in plankton abundance, distribution, and physiology.

Photo of Eric T. Harvill
Eric T. Harvill
Professor Infectious Diseases

interactions between microbial pathogens and host immunity in the mouse model using bacteria that naturally infect mice and closely related strains that are important human pathogens.

Photo of Biao He
Biao He
Professor and GRA Distinguished Investigator Infectious Diseases

Paramyxovirus-host interactions, vaccine development, emerging paramyxovirus and onocylytic virus.

Photo of Jeff Hogan
Jeff Hogan
Associate Professor Infectious Diseases
Photo of Philip V. Holmes
Philip V. Holmes
Professor Neuroscience

Behavioral neuropharmacology; neuropeptides and trophic factors; plasticity; stress, depression, and addiction.

Photo of Mary Hondalus
Mary Hondalus
Associate Professor Infectious Diseases

Mechanisms of bacterial virulence and survival in the host; host-pathogen interactions; vaccine development.

Photo of Shelley Hooks
Shelley Hooks
Associate Professor Neuroscience; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

G-protein coupled receptors, molecular pharmacology, signal transduction, ovarian cancer, neural stem cells.

Photo of Tim Hoover
Tim Hoover
Professor Microbiology

Gene regulation in bacteria; regulation of flagellar biogenesis; control of RpoN-dependent transcription in bacteria.

Photo of Brendan Hunt
Brendan Hunt
Assistant Professor Entomology

Behavioral and evolutionary genetics and epigenetics of social insects.

Photo of Takahiro Ito
Takahiro Ito
Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Molecular and cellular biology of normal and malignant stem cells

Photo of Scott Jackson
Scott Jackson
Professor Plant Biology

We conduct research at the interface of genome structure/evolution and plant genetics/breeding. Currently, we work on several legumes (soybean, common bean, pigeon pea, cowpea and peanut) as well as rice.

Photo of Michael K Johnson
Michael K Johnson
Professor Chemistry

The role and assembly of transition metal centers in metalloenzymes and metalloproteins.

Photo of Samantha Joye
Samantha Joye
Professor Marine Sciences

Biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in aquatic systems (saline lakes, coastal environments, deep ocean sediments). Biogeochemical and molecular ecological dynamics of microbial community composition and microbial activity.

Photo of Daichi Kamiyama
Daichi Kamiyama
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Our research is aimed at identifying the principles of neural circuit assembly, which is key to understanding the treatment of neurological disorders. To achieve this, we develop imaging toolkits including fluorescent probes and advanced microscopes.

Photo of Natarajan Kannan
Natarajan Kannan
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics

Evolutionary systems biology; protein kinase signaling in plants, pathogens and microbes.

Photo of Ray Kaplan
Ray Kaplan
Professor Infectious Diseases

Biology, molecular mechanisms, and population genetics of anthelmintic resistance in parasitic nematodes

Photo of Anna Karls
Anna Karls
Associate Professor Microbiology

Mechanisms for microbial adaptation and virulence; specialized DNA recombination in Neisseria meningitidis & N. gonorrhoeae; sigma54 regulon in Salmonella Typhimurium.

Photo of Russell Karls
Russell Karls
Associate Research Scientist Infectious Diseases
Photo of Lohitash Karumbaiah
Lohitash Karumbaiah
Assistant Professor Neuroscience

Developing Translational Glycomaterials and Neuromodulation Systems for Functional Neural Tissue Repair; Targeting Extracellular Matrix Triggers of Brain Tumor Progression

Photo of Eileen Kennedy
Eileen Kennedy
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical biology, kinase signaling, cancer, signal transduction, drug discovery.

Photo of Chang Hyun Khang
Chang Hyun Khang
Assistant Professor Plant Biology

Mechanisms of disease and immunity in the rice blast system; Fungal effector proteins; Nutrient uptake in fungi.

Photo of Edward T. Kipreos
Edward T. Kipreos
Professor Cellular Biology

Regulation of the cell cycle; ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis and development.

Photo of Jessica Kissinger
Jessica Kissinger
Distinguished Research Professor Bioinformatics; Genetics

Parasite genomics and the biology of genome evolution.

Photo of Kim Klonowski
Kim Klonowski
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Development and regulation of immunological memory.

Photo of Sidney Kushner
Sidney Kushner
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics

Molecular genetics of DNA repair and mechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation in E. coli.

Photo of Dennis Kyle
Dennis Kyle
Professor Cellular Biology & Infectious Diseases

The discovery and development of new drugs to prevent or treat malaria and leishmaniasis. Elucidating mechanism(s) of resistance and discovering new drug treatment regimens, combinations, or strategies to overcome resistance.

Photo of Eric Lafontaine
Eric Lafontaine
Associate Professor Infectious Diseases

Bacterial pathogenesis; role of adhesins in virulence; vaccine development.

Photo of William N. Lanzilotta
William N. Lanzilotta
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The mechanisms of metalloproteins involved in radical generation, oxidative stress protection, as well as heme synthesis, sensing, aquisition and transport.

Photo of James D. Lauderdale
James D. Lauderdale
Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience

Developmental neurobiology: molecular genetic mechanisms of vertebrate eye and forebrain development.

Photo of Karl Lechtreck
Karl Lechtreck
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Cilia and cilia-related disease; single molecule imaging; intraflagellar transport

Photo of Jae-Kyung Lee
Jae-Kyung Lee
Assistant Professor Physiology & Pharmacology

My research is focused on determining key molecules and their intrinsic mechanisms in neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases.

Photo of Jim Leebens-Mack
Jim Leebens-Mack
Associate Professor Plant Biology

Phylogenetics, genetics of diversification including speciation; molecular basis of adaptation; evolutionary genomics; evolution of plant reproduction; organismal and molecular coevolution.

Photo of Paula Lemons
Paula Lemons
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

My research investigates problem solving among biochemistry undergraduates and the process college science instructors go through as they innovate their teaching.

Photo of Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis
Assistant Professor Microbiology

Chromatin structure and function; Epigenetics; Eukaryotic genome stability; Histone H1.

Photo of Xiaorong Lin
Xiaorong Lin
Professor Microbiology

Human fungal pathogens, sexual reproduction and development in fungal pathogenesis

Photo of Dexi Liu
Dexi Liu
Panoz Professor of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Gene therapy, obesity, drug delivery, gene drug discovery.

Photo of Hongxiang Liu
Hongxiang Liu
Assistant Professor Neuroscience

Sensory organs of taste: development, maintenance, and molecular regulations using genetically modified mouse models.

Photo of Liang Liu
Liang Liu
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Phylogenetics, evolutionary biology, statistics.

Photo of Tianming Liu
Tianming Liu
Professor Bioinformatics; Neuroscience

Multiscale and multimodal brain mapping with applications to brain diseases.

Photo of Jason Locklin
Jason Locklin
Associate Professor Chemsitry

functional polymer interfaces, biological lubrication, patterning of cellular components in 2 and 3 dimensions, patterning of glycosaminoglycans to study nerve regeneration, 3D printing of biodegradable scaffolds, antimicrobial coatings.

Photo of Wolfgang Lukowitz
Wolfgang Lukowitz
Associate Professor Plant Biology

Fertilization, and early cell-fate decisions in plant embryos.

Photo of Rob Maier
Rob Maier
Professor Microbiology

Physiology and metallobiology of pathogenic bacteria.

Photo of George Majetich
George Majetich
Professor Chemistry
Photo of Russell L. Malmberg
Russell L. Malmberg
Professor Bioinformatics; Plant Biology

Bioinformatics of non-coding RNAs and gene family evolution; evolutionary genetics of Sarracenia(Pitcher plant) species.

Photo of Nancy Manley
Nancy Manley
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics

Evolution, organogenesis, and function of the thymus and parathyroids.

Photo of Leidong Mao
Leidong Mao
Associate Professor Bioinformatics

Micro- and nano-technology, lab-on-a-chip systems, microfluidics, single cell study, cancer diagnostics.

Photo of Rodney Mauricio
Rodney Mauricio
Professor Genetics

Ecological genetics of plants; invasive plants; genetics of adaptation.

Photo of Jennifer McDowell
Jennifer McDowell
Professor Neuroscience

Schizophrenia, psychosis, cognitive control, plasticity, saccades, ocular motor system, exercise, f/MRI, DTI.

Photo of Michael McEachern
Michael McEachern
Professor Genetics

Fungal telomere structure and function, and their cellular role(s).

Photo of Joe McHugh
Joe McHugh
Professor Entomology

Evolution, systematics and anatomy of insects.

Photo of Richard (Rich) Meagher
Richard (Rich) Meagher
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics

Cell-type and nuclear-type specific epigenetic control in brain, adipose tissue, placenta, and blood, cellular memory and molecular turnover

Photo of Amy Medlock
Amy Medlock
Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Understanding intracellular and intercellular heme transport.

Photo of Christof Meile
Christof Meile
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator Marine Sciences

Biogeochemical nutrient cycling in porous media and aquatic systems, reactive transport modeling of microbially mediated processes.

Photo of Douglas Menke
Douglas Menke
Assistant Professor Genetics

Developmental Regulation of Gene Expression; Evolution of Vertebrate Morphology.

Photo of Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
Professor Cellular Biology

Cell Signaling, Organelle Biogenesis, and Drug Discovery in Trypanosomes.


Photo of L. Stephen Miller
L. Stephen Miller
Professor and Director of Bio-imaging Research Center Neuroscience

My recent laboratory work focuses on aspects of working memory, executive function, and older adult cognition using structural and functional neuroimaging and neuropsychological tools.

Photo of Piliyur Seshadri MohanKumar
Piliyur Seshadri MohanKumar
Professor Neuroscience

Neuroendocrinology Reproductive Aging, Stress Axis and Metabolic Function, Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions, Prenatal Programming and its Neuroendocrine Consequences, Neuroendocrine Effects of Exposure to Environmentally Relevant Chemicals

Photo of Sheba M.J. MohanKumar
Sheba M.J. MohanKumar
Associate Professor Neuroscience

Neuroendocrine immune interactions in the context of Reproduction and Stress, Prenatal Stress and programming of obesity, Environmental exposures and their impact on Stress and Reproduction, Biomarker development for various human diseases.

Photo of Debra Mohnen
Debra Mohnen
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biosynthesis and function of the plant cell wall polysaccharide pectin. Anti-cancer effects of pectin.

Photo of Cory Momany
Cory Momany
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Antibiotic drug discovery targeting RNA polymerase regulation; X-ray crystallography of non-coding RNA and prokaryotic transcriptional regulators

Photo of Michelle Momany
Michelle Momany
Professor Plant Biology

Cellular and molecular biology of polar growth in fungi.

Photo of Allen J. Moore
Allen J. Moore
Distinguished Research Professor Genetics

Genetics, evolution and development of behavior; sexual selection; quantitative genetic models of evolution

Photo of Julie Moore
Julie Moore
Professor Infectious Diseases

Human and animal model-based studies of host immune mechanisms in malaria during pregnancy and immunopathogenic mechanisms that lead to compromise of pregnancy.

Photo of Patricia Moore
Patricia Moore
Professor Entomology

The role of developmental mechanisms in sexual selection and the evolution of reproductive strategies in insects.

Photo of Andy Moorhead
Andy Moorhead
Assistant Research Scientist Infectious Diseases

Establishment of the parasite/host niche by filarial worms, specifically Brugia malayi, one of the causative agents of lymphatic filariasis.

Photo of Mary Ann Moran
Mary Ann Moran
Professor Marine Sciences

Ecology of marine bacteria in the carbon and sulfur cycles; application of ecological functional genomics techniques to marine microbes.

Photo of Kelley Moremen
Kelley Moremen
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biochemistry, molecular, and structural biology of mammalian glycoprotein biosynthesis and catabolism.

Photo of Silvia Moreno
Silvia Moreno
Professor Cellular Biology

Cell biology and biochemistry of the human pathogen Toxoplasma gondii searching for potential targets for chemotherapy.

Photo of Richard Morrison
Richard Morrison
Associate Professor Chemistry

Development of synthetic organic methodologies to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients. Microwave-promoted synthesis of bioactive amines.

Photo of Luke J. Mortensen
Luke J. Mortensen
Assistant Professor Neuroscience

In vivo optical microscopy for bone and tissue regeneration.

Photo of Jarrod J. Mousa
Jarrod J. Mousa
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Human antibody-mediated immunity to inform next-generation vaccine development; focus on immunity to major viral, bacterial, and fungal human pathogens using multidisciplinary approaches in immunology, structural biology, and biochemistry to study antibody-antigen interactions at the molecular level.

Photo of Jan Mrázek
Jan Mrázek
Associate Professor Bioinformatics; Microbiology

Use bioinformatics and comparative genomics to study relationships between the genomic DNA sequence and the organism’s physiological characteristics, and regulatory processes that govern the flow of genetic information.

Photo of Vasant Muralidharan
Vasant Muralidharan
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Molecular and cellular biology of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.

Photo of Courtney C. Murdock
Courtney C. Murdock
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

We use ecological and evolutionary theory to study mosquito-parasite interactions, ecological drivers of transmission, and how environmental change affects transmission.

Photo of Mandi Murph
Mandi Murph
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical inhibitors of cancer, chemoresistance, tumor biology and animal models.

Photo of Ellen Neidle
Ellen Neidle
Professor Microbiology
Photo of Karen Norris
Karen Norris
Professor Infectious Diseases

Vaccine dev for prevention of PCP and COPD, RSV infection, COPD; Immune Activation and Aging, PAH; Immune-mediated mechanisms of pathogenesis, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, therapeutic testing; chronic immune activation/inflammation

Photo of Kerry Oliver
Kerry Oliver
Associate Professor Entomology

Ecology and evolution of heritable symbiosis in insects.

Photo of Ron Orlando
Ron Orlando
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Solving biological/biomedical problems with mass spectrometry.

Photo of Elizabeth Ottesen
Elizabeth Ottesen
Assistant Professor Microbiology

Ecology and physiology of environmental microbes. The use of community genomics and transcriptomics to examine microbial behavior in natural systems.

Photo of Andrew Park
Andrew Park
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Transient evolution of pathogens. Evolutionary processes involved in cross-species transmission. Evolutionary constraints in viral epidemiology.

Photo of Andrew Paterson
Andrew Paterson
Regents Professor and Head, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory Plant Biology; Genetics; Institute of Bioinformatics

My unit’s work addresses dimensions of plant genome biology relevant toward a more bio-based economy, linking increased fundamental knowledge to improved human lives.

Photo of Scott Pegan
Scott Pegan
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Antiviral and nerve agent poisoning therapeutic discovery, assay development, enzymology, structural biology, regulation of innate immune responses

Photo of Chris Peterson
Chris Peterson
Professor Plant Biology

Response and vulnerability of forests to natural (e.g. wind, fire) and anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. salvage logging), and geographic patterns of disturbance severity.

Photo of David S. Peterson
David S. Peterson
Associate Professor Infectious Diseases

Characterization of adhesion proteins which mediate host-parasite interactions in Plasmodium falciparum.

Photo of Joy Peterson
Joy Peterson
Associate Professor Microbiology

Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into value-added products, including liquid fuels.

Photo of Robert S. Phillips
Robert S. Phillips
Professor Chemistry; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Enzymes involved in amino acid, especially tryptophan, metabolism which may be drug targets for cancer, hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases.

Photo of Michael “Hawkeye” Pierce
Michael “Hawkeye” Pierce
Distinguished Research Professor, Director UGA Cancer Center Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Glycosyltransferase regulation of tumor cell adhesion and invasion; structure/function of lectins.

Photo of Vladimir Popik
Vladimir Popik
Professor of Chemistry Chemistry

Development of biorothogonal protein modification techniques, novel caging groups, and photoactivatable antitumor antibiotics

Photo of James H. Prestegard
James H. Prestegard
Professor Emeritus, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to the characterization of biologically important systems.

Photo of Fred Quinn
Fred Quinn
Professor Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis pathogenesis; host-pathogen interactions.

Photo of Shannon P. Quinn
Shannon P. Quinn
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Biomedical imaging and large graph mining in public health applications.

Photo of Balazs Rada
Balazs Rada
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Role of reactive oxygen species in host-microbe interactions of the respiratory mucosa, neutrophil biology, pathomechanism of Pseudomonas infection in cystic fibrosis.

Barbara Reaves
Associate Research Scientist Infectious Diseases
Photo of Arthur Roberts
Arthur Roberts
Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxciology

Development of high-throughput structural biology tools, biophysical methods, NMR, and computer-aided drug-design to investigate drug-protein interactions and human disease.

Photo of Rachel Roberts-Galbraith
Rachel Roberts-Galbraith
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Regeneration and development; understanding cellular/molecular mechanisms that underlie neural regeneration in planarians.

Photo of Pejman Rohani
Pejman Rohani
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, including measles, pertussis, avian influenza, dengue and polio.

Photo of John Rose
John Rose
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

X-ray structural biology, the mitochondrial inner membrane space transport system, structure based vaccine and therapeutic design, improved/automated methods for synchrotron SAD data collection and structure determination.

Photo of Ken Ross
Ken Ross
Professor Entomology

Population biology, evolutionary genetics, molecular systematics, and comparative genomics of social insects (fire ants) with an emphasis on studies of genetic variation.

Photo of Ted Ross
Ted Ross
Professor Infectious Diseases

Dr. Ross explores new vaccine technologies for seasonal and pandemic influenza as well as West Nile Virus, Dengue Chikungunya, Ebola, and HIV.

Photo of Dean Sabatinelli
Dean Sabatinelli
Associate Professor Neuroscience

Hemodynamic and electrocortical measures of emotional scene perception.

Photo of Robert Sabatini
Robert Sabatini
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Molecular and biochemical parasitology: DNA modification, homologous recombination and the regulation of antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei.

Photo of Jeremiah Saliki
Jeremiah Saliki
Professor Infectious Diseases

My research interests are the development and improvement of diagnostic techniques for viral diseases of domestic marine mammals.

Photo of Susan Sanchez
Susan Sanchez
Professor Infectious Diseases

Veterinary diagnostics; emerging clinical problems; antibiotic resistance; epidemiology of diseases with special emphasis in zoonoses.

Photo of Jesse R. Schank
Jesse R. Schank
Assistant Professor Neuroscience; Physiology & Pharmacology

The role of stress and neuropeptides in drug seeking behavior using behavioral pharmacology, neuroanatomy, and molecular neuroscience.

Photo of Paul Schliekelman
Paul Schliekelman
Associate Professor Bioinformatics

My research group develops statistical and and computational approaches to better extract information from biological data, particularly in the genotype-phenotype relationship.

Photo of Walter K. Schmidt Jr.
Walter K. Schmidt Jr.
Associate Professor, Georgia Cancer Coalition Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Molecular cell biology and biochemistry of proteases associated with isoprenylated protein maturation and amyloidogenic peptide degradation; cancer; Alzheimer’s disease.

Photo of Bob Schmitz
Bob Schmitz
Associate Professor Genetics

Population epigenomics and mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance

Photo of Cordula Schulz
Cordula Schulz
Assistant Professor Cellular Biology

Tissue replenishment from stem cells, Drosophila genetics.

Photo of Heinz-Bernd Schuttler
Heinz-Bernd Schuttler
Professor Bioinformatics

Computational biology, functional genomics, kinetics of biochemical reaction networks.

Photo of Ping Shen
Ping Shen
Associate Professor Cellular Biology; Neuroscience

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Brain Functions and Development in the Drosophila Model.

Photo of Tarkeshwar Singh
Tarkeshwar Singh
Assistant Professor Neuroscience

Sensorimotor integration during motor planning and execution in healthy aging and neurodegenerative disorders

Photo of Eric Stabb
Eric Stabb
Professor Microbiology

Symbiosis between the bioluminescent bacterium Vibrio fischeri and Euprymna scolopes; inter- and intra-species signaling, MAMPs, bacterial pheromones, regulation of bioluminescence, and genetics.

Photo of Kathrin Stanger-Hall
Kathrin Stanger-Hall
Associate Professor Plant Biology

Signal evolution in fireflies (Lampyridae); research in undergraduate education in the sciences.

Photo of Vincent Starai
Vincent Starai
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases; Microbiology

Bacterial modulation of eukaryotic membrane dynamics for intracellular survival; SNARE-dependent membrane fusion biochemistry.

Photo of Richard A. Steet
Richard A. Steet
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

We investigate the pathogenesis and treatment of lysosomal storage disorders using zebrafish models and cultured cells (including iPS-derived cell types); our approach integrates confocal microscopy, biochemistry and chemical biology.

Photo of Steven Stice
Steven Stice
D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor; GRA Eminent Scholar; Director Regenerative Bioscience Center Neuroscience; Toxciology

We are developing stem cell approaches to repairing bone and nerve injury in addition to use of stem cells as a tool to screen toxins and potential drug therapies.

Photo of Mike Strand
Mike Strand
Distinguished Research Professor Entomology

Molecular and evolutionary biology of insect parasites; virology, immunology, symbiont evolution, reproduction.

Photo of Anne Summers
Anne Summers
Professor Microbiology; Toxciology

Environmental stress biology, using biochemical, biophysical, and ‘omics approaches to define the roles of toxic metal exposure in chronic and infectious diseases.

Photo of Andrea Sweigart
Andrea Sweigart
Associate Professor Genetics

Evolutionary genetics and genomics of natural plant populations

Photo of Christine Szymanski
Christine Szymanski
Professor Microbiology

Examining host-pathogen interactions in order to understand and exploit virulence mechanisms used by bacteria colonizing mucosal surfaces.

Photo of Thiab Taha
Thiab Taha
Professor Institute of Bioinformatics

Computational Science and Parallel Computing; Bioinformatics: Involved in a project called: Computing Life: to solve system of differential equations that model biochemical reaction networks by using efficient/parallel numerical methods; BigData

Photo of Rick Tarleton
Rick Tarleton
Professor Cellular Biology

Mechanisms of immunity and disease in Trypanosoma cruzi infection (Chagas Disease); Basic and applied biology of T. cruzi.

Photo of Michael Terns
Michael Terns
Distinguished Research Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Genetics; Microbiology

Newly discovered immune systems found in bacteria and archaea; mechanisms of viral defense and prevention of the spread of antibiotic resistance genes.

Photo of Michael Tiemeyer
Michael Tiemeyer
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Mechanisms that regulate the expression, function, and structure of tissue-specific glycans.

Photo of S. Mark Tompkins
S. Mark Tompkins
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases; Toxciology

Transmission and pathogenicity of zoonotic influenza virus infection and development of vaccination and the prevention and treatment of viral infections.

Photo of Dorset W. Trapnell
Dorset W. Trapnell
Assistant Professor Plant Biology

Evolutionary biology and population genetics of natural plant populations, specifically evolutionary factors that shape patterns of genetic variation and mechanisms for partitioning and maintaining species-wide diversity.

Photo of M. Stephen Trent
M. Stephen Trent
Distinguished Professor Infectious Diseases

Characterizing the assembly of bacterial surface structures, Development of vaccines for viral and bacterial pathogens, Systems approaches to understanding microbial diseases

Photo of Ralph A. Tripp
Ralph A. Tripp
Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Chair in Vaccine and Therapeutic Studies Infectious Diseases; Toxciology

Disease intervention strategies for important human pathogens and emerging infectious diseases of zoonotic origin; mechanisms of immunity; virus-host interface.

Photo of C.J. Tsai
C.J. Tsai
Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Bioinformatics; Genetics

Growth-defense tradeoff, phenylpropanoid metabolism and carbon allocation, gene family evolution and functional diversification, alternative splicing and gene duplication.

Photo of Jeffrey Urbauer
Jeffrey Urbauer
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry

Structural biology of transcription regulation, steroid hormone activation and breast cancer.

Photo of Esther van der Knaap
Esther van der Knaap
Professor Genetics

the regulation of fruit shape and size of tomato and other Solanaceous crops

Photo of Maria M. Viveiros
Maria M. Viveiros
Assistant Professor Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxciology

Mammalian germ cell and early embryonic development; meiotic chromosome segregation in oocytes; genomic instability; impact of age and environment on meiotic division

Photo of Kevin Vogel
Kevin Vogel
Assistant Professor Entomology

Integrating physiology, genomics, evolution, and microbial symbiosis to understand the biology of insect vectors of disease

Photo of John J. Wagner
John J. Wagner
Professor Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxciology

Neurophysiology of the hippocampus, cellular mechanisms of learning and memory, neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse and rodent models of addiction.

Photo of Jason Wallace
Jason Wallace
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Quantitative genetics, crop genomics, crop-microbiome interactions

Photo of Bi-Cheng Wang
Bi-Cheng Wang
Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Structure-function studies by X-ray diffraction, transcription proteins, structural genomics, phasing methods.

Photo of Lianchun Wang
Lianchun Wang
Professor, Georgia Cancer Coalition Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The regulatory function and related structure of heparan sulfate proteoglycan in angiogenesis, Alzheimer`s disease and Cancer

Photo of John Wares
John Wares
Associate Professor Genetics

Ecological genetics of natural populations.

Photo of Wendy Watford
Wendy Watford
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Regulation of host defense and tolerance by Stat transcription factors.

Photo of Lance Wells
Lance Wells
Associate Professor, Georgia Cancer Coalition Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Role of post-translational modifications, primarily O-glycosylation, in human diseases including type II diabetes, cancer, and congenital muscular dystrophy.

Photo of Han-Rong Weng
Han-Rong Weng
Assistant Professor Neuroscience; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Neuroscience, cellular biology, pharmacology, glial cells, pain.

Photo of Christopher M. West
Christopher M. West
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Oxygen- and glycosylation-dependent regulation of polyubiquitin ligases in Dictyostelium and Toxoplasma gondii; Glycobiology of protozoa

Photo of Janet Westpheling
Janet Westpheling
Professor Genetics

Molecular genetics of Steptomyces metabolic developmental processes; enhanced biofuel product by bacteria.

Photo of Steven E. Wheeler
Steven E. Wheeler
Associate Professor Chemistry

Computational organic chemistry, focusing on non-covalent interactions, asymmetric catalysis, and drug design.

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Photo of Catherine White
Catherine White
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences; Toxciology

Dr. White’s research focuses on the influence of gender on the disposition of drugs and drug carriers, and their subsequent therapeutic or toxic outcomes, and the physiological-based pharmacokinetic modeling for utilization in predicting toxicity and exposures.

Photo of Michael White
Michael White
Assistant Professor Genetics

Evolutionary Genomics and Sex Chromosome Evolution

Photo of William Whitman
William Whitman
Professor Bioinformatics; Microbiology

Evolution, ecology, physiology of methane-producing archaeon Methanococcus, the marine alpha proteobacteria, and soil bacteria.

Photo of Rebecca P. Wilkes
Rebecca P. Wilkes
Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases

Molecular diagnostics and new test development; antivirals and vaccines for animal pathogens

Photo of Adrian Wolstenholme
Adrian Wolstenholme
Professor Infectious Diseases

Molecular helminthology: in particular the interactions of anthelmintic drugs with ion channels in the nervous systems of parasitic helminths, and the molecular basis of drug resistance.

Photo of Zachary A. Wood
Zachary A. Wood
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

X-ray crystallographic and biochemical studies of nucleotide sugar metabolism.

Photo of Robert J. Woods
Robert J. Woods
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Immunological carbohydrate-protein interactions studied by computational simulation and experimental methods.

Photo of May Xiong
May Xiong
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Development of nanotechnologies in the areas of iron chelation therapy, biological metal sensors, and antibiotic drug resistance.

Photo of Ying Xu
Ying Xu
Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics

Cancer Computational and Systems Biology, Computational Methods for Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling.

Photo of Patricia L. Yager
Patricia L. Yager
Associate Professor Marine Sciences

Marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistry; climate change.

Photo of Yao Yao
Yao Yao
Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Blood Brain Barrier, Stroke, Neurological disorders, Stem Cell Biology, Extracellular Matrix Biology

Photo of Xiaoqin Ye
Xiaoqin Ye
Associate Professor Physiology and Pharmacology; Toxciology

​Molecular mechanism of embryo implantation. Endocrine disruptors on puberty and early pregnancy.

Photo of Zheng-Hua Ye
Zheng-Hua Ye
Professor Plant Biology
Photo of Hang Yin
Hang Yin
Assistant professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Stem cell biology, brown fat development and induction, non-coding RNA, development of novel therapies for human obesity and type 2 diabetes

Photo of William S. York
William S. York
Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Structure, function, and assembly of plant cell walls; Bioinformatics for glycomics and glycobiology.

Photo of Jason Zastre
Jason Zastre
Associate Professor Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences; Toxciology

Transport, micronutrient, hypoxia, cancer.

Photo of Nadja Zeltner
Nadja Zeltner
Assistant Professor Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Department of Cellular Biology

Effects of pathological stress on cells of the peripheral nervous system and the adrenal gland. In vitro disease modeling using human pluripotent stem cells.

Photo of Ming Zhang
Ming Zhang
Assistant Professor Bioinformatics
Photo of Xiaoyu Zhang
Xiaoyu Zhang
Assistant Professor Plant Biology

Functional genomics; epigenetic control of plant gene expression.

Photo of Shaying Zhao
Shaying Zhao
Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Bioinformatics

Cancer genomics; human junk DNA; genomic instability.

Photo of Y. George Zheng
Y. George Zheng
Associate Professor, Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholar Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences

Chemical biology, epigenetics and chromatin, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry, posttranslational modification, molecular biology, biochemistry, enzymology, and bioinformatics.